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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Red Dress

In approximately 4 weekends we will be having our Christmas Party which is a black tie affair with around 3,000 people (no kidding either). I have struggled with always finding the perfect dress with the perfect fit that makes me look well wonderful, terrific and full of confidence. Really, what woman doesn't spend hours doing this or worrying about it?

I'm a blue jean; t-shirt; pizza in the box, beer in the bottle; little make-up type of gal and now I have to get all prom queened up for a night of mingling amongst my superiors and comrades while showing up stag again this year.

The first year, it was a cute little periwinkle party dress then after that I decided to go gown like. Ya know, all those bridesmaids dresses going to waste - Ah, finally a second reason to wear the dress. Money well spent with 2 uses for those dang dresses.

This year is no different. Only I have decided to go bold - RED - which is a color of power - ha, I have no power - but confidence in myself and my life I have or so I tend to think I do - so RED it is. I have always worn; periwinkle; black; silver; brown and dark blue gowns/dresses.

So thank you to my girlfriend "Foxie" who so willingly encouraged me to borrow her gown in all hopes that it would fit - thank you to the gym for helping me lose those damn extra 5 pounds - O yes, down another 5 - YIPPEE. I am now at that goal weight and a few lower. Ah, the joys of eating no sweets or snacking after 6pm.

The dress, I tried on last night after a sweaty game of volleyball - I know - ewww so gross - but I did make sure I was sweat free before touching the inside of the gown. ;) As I zippered it up I felt like Julia Roberts when she had on her Red dress in Pretty Woman and Richard Gere hands her the billion dollar necklace - WOWZAA I said to myself - This tom boy type gal can clean up nice - when needed, if I do say so myself.

The dress - fits like a boxers glove and makes me feel good about myself - which right now - is much needed therapy. So "Foxie" the first drink of the night is for you.


Blogger Diane said...

My 2 cents since I spent much time with you in October is this. You tend to look all glammed up and good, even when your not trying.

We have the pictures to prove it on our flickr pages. That one that I took of you at the restaurant on the beach--is a good example.

All that working out and time in the sun playing volleyball gives you that model look.

Enjoy your red dress and an evening with no worries and hanging out with your friends.

Oh, and post a picture afterwards.

6:33 AM  
Blogger DMM said...

This is why I love you - you are great for the soul and mind boost!!

Maybe I'll get my big model break -O wait - I'm to old. lol ;)

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand, you want the dress to fit like a boxing glove? Does that mean its really big, padded and bulky? I feel like that was a poor analogy. That or I have a lot to learn about the way a dress should fit . . . that and I'm just a mean person that says mean things. Sorry I'm a mean person. Enjoy the party. I'm sure you'll be a knockout! HAHA!

8:11 PM  
Blogger DMM said...

Fitting like a boxers gloves means tight and secure - a snug fit - you don't want a boxers glove to be loosey goosy nor do you want your formal dress to fit that way. Elegant yet "hottie" looking. LOL - I have elegant part down.

Most guys wouldn't understand that analogy - so no, I don't think you're being mean.

4:43 AM  

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