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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Joy of Giving

There is nothing I love more than the joys of gift giving. On Tuesday, my girl TK and I played hookey from work and went shopping for our little darlings.

I had so much fun in the Toy Barn - maybe to much fun. Kids have the coolest toys now a days and well maybe I'm just a kid in a grown up body. It's not even about how much money I spend or don't it's all about seeing the joy of that little man of mine when he's screaming in excitement over his presents. I seriously, think that is the best Christmas Present E.V.E.R.

Next we are off to the Wonderful World of Disney. I hear the squeal of delight over the Minnie Mouse coffee mug. Shouting, I. LOVE. MINNIE. Look at the size of this cup, it's huge. I just smiled, kept on shopping, asking aren't you going to buy that - if you really want it you should have it.

I pick it up looked at it and just smiled, next thing you know I'm at the register purchasing the mug and ah, one for myself - Tinkerbell. It was too good of a deal to pass up. Two mugs for $12.00.

Last stop of the day - Hallmark - you know, buy 3 Hallmark cards and get the animated singing snowman and penguin thingy which is simply adorable. I have one from the previous year and had to have the new one as well. I end up getting some of the best friendship cards ever, finally I'm off to the register.

I'm now going to fastforward to the giving part cause you really don't need to hear about our awesome lunch at the Olive Garden. Let me just say Y U M M Y. Endless soup; salad; breadstix - $4.95 - WOWZA...now that's a deal.

I get into work with said gift, wrap it in a box, interoffice it over to TK, as she's in a different building than me and WAIT...PATIENTLY...WAIT...

I get the jabber message from TK stating UR A DORK...I.LOVE.YOU...

She loves her mug and cannot wait to have that huge ass cup of Jo with Minnie. So worth the small effort when you are putting a smile of someone's face.

Ah, the joys of giving, nothing beats it.


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