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Thursday, January 04, 2007


This is my week with my LM. I simply love the weeks he is with me as I find myself just hugging and kissing him to no end, the poor thing. At the age of 3.5 it's ok, when he's 16 it won't be so cool.

LM took it upon himself and crawled in bed with me which is an early morning ritual since the beginning of times - well, ok since he could get out of bed and walk. Currently, I have not been the sleeper due to some unwanted stress which is neither here nor there - stuff happens, right?!

But my story begins here:

I took it upon myself to watch this little man of mine crawl into bed with his momma and after kissing me on the nose and saying "Hi, mom, I sleep with you now" he drifted ever so softly back to dream land. As I laid there beside him I watched - taking in every inch of him by looking at his tiny little face ever so pure full of innocence and watched his tiny belly rise and fall with each breath. How adorable he is ran thru my head. I can still hear him breathing so gently and feel the warmth of his tiny breath on my face.

I laid there thinking, this is the way I want him forever. I want him to be this peaceful and sweet. What parent doesn't want the perfect little world for their child? As I laid in bed watching him with the moon light shining from the cracks in the blinds on his tiny hands and face I was amazed that I helped create something so darling.

Then I thought, how can I protect him from all the evils the world is made up of? Maybe some sort of protective dome will be invented - how crazy would that be? I actually envisioned it in my head and giggled to myself - thinking - girl you need to get some sleep.

But it just comes down to realizing, as a parent, we all do the best job that we can do to help our child(ren) grow up and hope everyday they will be just fine.

Ah...to be that innocent again...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm 26 now and unfortunately my mom still hugs and kisses me to no end. Trust me, at some point, you better let go. For his sake at least! Let him grow up in peace!

As for the sheltering from evil, well we all know that's impossible but you can definitely do your part to teach what is and is not right. Then hopefully you can watch as your boy grows up to be one amazing individual. Unless of course you screw that all up somehow.

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Cute and sweet until the end, but funny.

My goal for my son is that he's happy and that I helped him to become the person that he was meant to be.

We can only guide and teach our children and the rest is up to them. The worrying and wanting to protect them I doubt will ever go away.

My hubby still hugs and kisses his mother and he's 45 years old.

4:38 PM  
Blogger DMM said...

Well it is what it is and I know my LM will be fine. I mean really he has a great mother...LOL

One last thing I'll be smooching/hugging him until he's at least 60...

8:20 AM  

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