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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

First Time

What a weekend. All LM and I did was run as I planned a huge weekend for us. It was most definitely a great bonding weekend and I was thrilled to spend it with him.

I called up some friends and suggested we hit the local ski resort and do some tubing. Yeses were given all around. Eight of us headed for the mountains for a 2 hour time slot of kid play. There is nothing better in the world then not having to worry about a thing for a short time except for having a good time. That is what I did exactly!!

Truthfully, I feel the adults were way more excited then the child folk. I kept thinking, "I can't wait to get up that snowy mountain and race down that hill just so I can have that pit in my stomach roller coaster feeling." What a rush!

You are allowed to hook up four tubes together and blast off down the mountain of high altitude. The best part about hooking tubes together is the more weight you have the faster you go and maybe just maybe you can acquire some air lift towards the bottom. O yea, we reached air. Now, mind you that my LM was 4 that day (wink, wink) and only weighs in about 30-35 pounds which left the three remaining tubers who were able to create enough weight to get air and WOWZA the fun.

I continue to giggle like a child when I think about it.

All LM kept screaming was "again, mommy, that was fun." I was worried how he'd take the speedy hill but he did amazingly well. I was quite impressed with his actions all day. He just sat in his red over blown tube and let me hoist him around all the while sticking his tongue out trying to catch snowflakes on the tow rope. Hysterical for a mother to see.

About 1.5 hours in he began to cry as his hands got cold - gotta get him a new pair of gloves. Inside we went where he feasted on some popcorn, looked at me and said, "ok, I'm warm lets go again." Back at it we went to make two last runs.

He slept the whole way home - when he hit the car and konked out - I knew a great day had been accomplished.

So guys when we going again?



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