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Monday, February 05, 2007

Another Weekend

Just another weekend.

Friday night started off with some brewski's and a decided trip to St. Francis University to watch the number 15 ranked mens volleyball team play number 11 ranked Ohio State.

All I could say was WOW those men got mad skills. The height and intensity of mens volleyball is so much greater then women's. It was a great time even though St. Francis lost in 4 matches they gave it their all.

The weather took a turn for the worst and my friend G had a long drive ahead of her. I was glad she was behind the wheel and I was just a supporter. Instead of a 45 minute drive back to town it turned into a 1.5 hours but it's a none issues since we made it back safely.

Saturday, I'm not even going to talk about - disappointment all around. Although, I made some great new friends and heard a good band.

As for Sunday LM's daddy dropped him off which meant I got to spend the day with butterfly kisses and bear hugs which was what mommy needed. We headed out to G's house so LM could get his groove on with her 3 lovely children.

As the kids wore each other out I got some much needed girlie adult time with G and her hubby. LM was whipped. I hit express way looked back to notice he was konked out snoring. It's so much more adorable when a 3.5 year old snores then a grown up.

Ah alas, back to the Monday blues...


Blogger Just Being Me said...

It does sound like a full weekend. I agree when a child snores it's more endearing.

12:11 PM  
Blogger Di said...

hey i know Saturday was a disappointment all around and you did add that you met some new friends but hey what aboutyour old friends you know that song we are gold.

8:09 AM  
Blogger DMM said...

Di - don't worry I had a great time with my "old" friends as well. As they introduced me to my new friends. Love the oldies...

4:36 AM  

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