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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Educated Guessers

How is it that a Meteorologist (weatherman) can be wrong 99.99% of the time and still be able to keep their job? If I was wrong that much with my daily decisions I would have been canned years ago.

I certainly understand that predicting the weather is no easy task and that's exactly what it is a prediction. The truth is, what they should say is, "We think, because we cannot be 100% sure this might be today's forecast." Indeed, they should not say, "today we are getting blah blah blah get to the store it is the end of the world."

Yesterday, the local news weather person called for snow squalls and a winter blast of 3 inches by noon - white out conditions then another 4 inches over night. Of course, this has everyone and I mean everyone running to the stores to stock up on life's little necessities. I swear that the weatherman own the local stores or get some kind of a kick back for scaring the hell out of the towns folk. Not to mention all the cancellations that were taking place - day cares; school closings and delays - talk about jumping the gun here.

What we actually received was some squalls not equalling 3 inches and yes, white out conditions when the snow was blowing all around still not the effect everyone had perceived we were going to get nailed with. My town got nowhere near the overnight additional 4 inches. Me, being the believer that the weather personal knows their job, I call C for a ride into work, just in case.

Promptly at 630A I sent the ultimate text message to C saying - "As much as I would love a taxi pick up this morning, I can drive in this, as the roads are CLEAR as for the weatherman -WRONG AGAIN!"

Educated Guessers should be their job title not Meteorologist.


Blogger Just Being Me said...

I like your observations. I agree about the name change. Nadine

5:53 PM  
Blogger Jimmy said...

I've been making comments about weather persons for years! It's why my pet spider monkey throws darts at a dart board to get my daily weather. What's that? A typhoon (which occurs only in the pacific mind you) followed by a heatwave of 90 degrees tomorrow? Can't be any more off than a man with a remote and a green screen behind him.

8:09 PM  
Blogger DMM said...

I'm tellng you it's the best of both worlds...Be wrong all the time and still get a paycheck for it.

8:21 AM  

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