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Monday, March 12, 2007

We are the Champions

On Saturday I played in a local Women's Six Tourney to help raise funds for the local High school JO volleyball team. What a great day of high level intense playing from dawn to dusk.

There were at total of only six teams so a round robin was the best schedule of choice for the tourney directors. Team X (us) started off to a slow start with loosing 2 out of 4 games but we ended strong taking 2nd place overall.

It came down to semi finals, which was was one quick game to 25. The do or die moment every teams wants to have at the end of the day. We started off serving aggressively taking the lead and never looking back.

Going into finals we were playing the number one seeded team. A team of volleyball experts, like ourselves, (wink wink) knowing we had to give more than that 100% with every play. We swept up the court in the first game - only to lose the 2nd - that final game a nerve racking game to 15 - (rally score my I remind you).

At this time, everyone is one their toes anticipating that every ball is theirs for the taking. The team theme turned into "no ball is untouchable - get to the floor to get it."

Finally - the score reads 15-11 - Team X has conquered yet another tourney taking home the trophy!!

Great job playing to all teams who entered.



Blogger Diane said...

Congrats to all.

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