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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fate or Luck

What a weekend. I always end up having amazing stories to tell at the water cooler about my wild weekends or nights. Seems that "crazy" follows me everywhere I go.

I'm going to talk about Saturday into Sunday and end there.

Saturday, I headed on a trip to the 'burgh to party with my buddies the P's and L. On the trip down I ended up sending my friend T a text message about coming down, meeting up with us. Not thinking T would but as fate would have it - T does.

All of the 'burgh is booked due to the Rod Steward concert so as we're sitting at the Hard Rock, D gets a phone book and gives T some numbers of places to stay near by. None of us wanted T to drive back home as it's about 1.5 hour and by yourself late at night - would just suck.

Hands clapping and high fives all around as we get the great news of "Yes, there is room at the Inn." Shots were bought and celebrating began. The night ended with laughs, drinks and much dancing.

Sunday we all head back to town. I decided to ride back with T we got back to Jtwn around 1:00ish. Ah, sweet sweet couch and a long awaited nippie nap.

Then the phone rings. It's the P's...

"Hey we just got back."
"Serious, it's 4:00, you guys get lunch and dinner?"
"No we were in a serious car accident."

At this time, I freeze and have that throw up feeling...My friends were hurt and I wasn't there - I should have been in that car...

"Everyone is OK." "The car hit black ice, did a 180, hit a street sign, and then the car rolled."
"O my God!"
"Drivers side window got busted"
"D, I'm so sorry."
"All I could think of was, Thank God you went home with T!"
"All I can think of was I should have been with you guys. I'm so sorry."

When I hung up with the P's all I could was cry. Then called T.

I have not been able to stop thinking about the "what ifs." I'm so grateful that T wanted to come down and hang with me and was able to get a room. If not, what would have happened? I know for a fact that I wouldn't have had my seat belt on only because I was in the back seat. I never would have thought to put it on.

L was hurt but she is fine. The P's minor scraps and bruises.

It's so weird how the whole weekend played out. I have spent the last 3 days thinking of nothing other then - my guardian angel must have been working overtime this weekend.

I never give fate much thought but I have really given it major thought this weekend. I guess it wasn't my time or maybe enough has gone on in my life the last few years that someone thought I needed a break.

Whatever the reason for how the weekend played out I'm grateful my friends are well and thankful T took the time to come hang with us.



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