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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I am going to start off by saying I am a fairly easy person to get along with. I am the type of person who willingly accepts all walks of life. I'm generally a happy go lucky kind of a gal until someone spins my happy world out of control, when that happens you better be on the look out.

A major sickness of sniffles; snorts; rattling and painful throat feelings reared its ugly head starting on Friday. This icky sick feeling has not let up for one minute so, of course, drugs (the good over the counter kind) have been pumped throughout my body beginning Saturday morning.

I slept most of Sunday off and on - did a load of laundry - which by the way still needs folded. Called of sick yesterday - which by the way again - I never do. I stayed in bed until the rightful time of 5pm only because I had a volleyball play off game, which is where I'm going with this little ditty of a story.

Yes, I certainly know what you all are thinking. Let me tell you - I'm dedicated to my team and especially to this team. We are top dogs in this league and I was not about to let my team down because of some snotty filled nose and rattling chest, chills or sweats.

Are you kidding me? We played our rivals for the chance to get into finals. I am a go getter and my team needed me sick or healthy it didn't matter. I was not letting them down.

I went and played and we lost - sadly we couldn't pull it off. I am not sad about the loss but I will tell you about the drama involved after the game. This is what I am sad about.

I am standing on the sideline gathering my things and I say "this is bullshit" under my breath. I say that because of the way I feel and how I played along with my team. It was purely bullshit that we played poorly and lost end of story. I am by no means a sore loser never have been. I am glad for the other team.

Here is where the plot begins to thicken. A girl from the other team gets in my face and shouts, "What's bullshit, Darla?" Why do you have to be a sore loser?" I commented back with, "what are you talking about?" I meant the way I played was bullshit not you guys winning."

I said to her again, "I just don't feel good and wanted to play better then I did." She then called me a stupid bitch and began to make boo hoo sounds and rub her fist below her eyes. What makes this worse is her whole team got in on it. I was livid. I can not stand immaturity from adult women or men to be honest.

At that point, I stopped in my tracks, turned around, pointed my long skinny finger at her and proceed to shout, "Shut up you fucking bitch!" After all that I'm thinking holy hell where did that come from? I have never in my life said that to anyone, well, at least out loud like that.

This morning I got a phone call from my BFF -G- telling me not to feel guilty at all. That the girl who picked this argument is labeled as a troublemaker who is known to make outlandish comments about others.

G also told me that her whole team defended me after I left knowing I was sicker then a dog and gave me credit for evening showing up to play.

All I have to say is AMEN that league is done for another year. We will defeat team bad ass next year giving them a spanking they will never forget.



Blogger Diane said...

Hearing pieces of conversation and budding in always gets someone into trouble.

Ugh. Sometimes, you just want to smack someone. Not that we should, mind you.

6:39 AM  

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