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Monday, March 26, 2007

Happiness Is...

Over the past several days/weeks I have taken notice to what real happiness is. I have come up with quite the list. I thought I would share to see if anyone shares the same thoughts...these are in somewhat order as to how I find them...

1. Hearing my baby boy laugh out loud
2. Butterfly hugs and kisses
3. Thank yous
4. Bundled up under a fleece blanket with a great book
5. An old friend finding you
6. Hot Chocolate from Starbucks
7. Hugs from someone who truly loves you
8. Dinner out
9. Showing appreciation towards someone
10. Emails from friends just saying Hi
11. Lazy rainy days
12. Holding hands
13. Beers with friends
14. Jamming to your favorite band in your car
15. Holidays
16. Having someone else cook dinner for you
17. Having that someone clean up after cooking for you
18. Friday Afternoons
19. Sleeping in on Saturday morning
20. A spontaneous trip
21. The waves crashing at the beach
22. A clean house/apartment
23. Getting done with a project at work
24. Laughing with friends until your side hurts
25. Playing a game of beach volleyball and winning

There are many more but I just thought I'd start with the top 25. I didn't want to bore anyone to badly...



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