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Friday, March 30, 2007

Illness Be Gone

Will this dang cold ever leave my system? I have been fighting the sniffles, body aches, coughs from my chest which just rattles right though me and last but not least not to mention my jaw is now filled with pain. T

The pain is a throbbing which hurts worse then labor. Let me just say this my labor was a breeze compared to this damn cold. I am thinking sinus infection - but not sure as I have never had one of those.

I feel like I need to bathe in bio-freeze and numb every inch of my now frail body. This has be going on for 3 weeks now. I have never in my 30+2 years of life E.V.E.R had a cold kick my ass the way this one has.

I tend to think I am a woman and nothing can knock me down. I have things to get done caring for LM; laundry ; cleaning; cooking; and yes, my job - a girl has deadlines ya know. All I really want to do is lay down to sleep cuddled under that goose down. I don't think that is to much for a gal to ask.

I have missed my scheduled runs for a week not to mention volleyball. I never miss either activities. I did try to run this week, however, this cold just re-bit my ass again so I am on the alpine slide - the bench for now.

Today, I have an appointment with the family doctor - all I want is a happy pill to finally beat this germ out of my system.

Tonight, maybe lots of beer to pee the germ out. At least, that is what my co-worker is telling me I need to do. I am thinking of lots of rest and nothing more, although, beer may help.

All I want is to feel like my happy go lucky normal self and soon.



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