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Monday, April 23, 2007

Kids and the funny things they say

This weekend was nothing but laughter throughout with my LM and I as we conversed back and forth. I thought I would share some of the comments from the weekend.

When I picked him up from school and got him home, I explained that mommy had surgery and had 3 boo boos on her belly. He looked at me deep in thought and asked to see the boo boos. He asked what happened. At that time, I explained the doctor put a needle in mommy's belly to fix her and covered them with band aides.

I thought he was okay with this explanation. Grandma came over to visit - he told her that, "mommy has boo boos and the doctor stuck her in the belly button covering it up with a band aide so her insides wouldn't ooze out."

Quite ingenious since I never said anything to him about my insides oozing out. He is however, quite fascinated with the boo boos as he's telling everyone, "mommy has 3 boo boos, you should see them."

I however, decline to show anyone when LM sends out the request.


Saturday was your typical day. I decided enough lying around it's time to get cracking on the cleaning. LM loves to be mommy's little helper. He followed me around all morning with a little broom sweeper asking, "what else can I sweep up?"

I thought, enjoy this moment now because when he's 10 this won't be happening.

I was cleaning the bathroom before bed, putting one of those lovely blue tablets in the potty, ya know, to make the water pretty and make the porcelain sparkle. However, silly me, did this without my child's knowledge.

Sunday morning LM wakes and rushes off to do his thing - I hear the lid lift and a scream of "Holy Cow, mom - the water is blue." I tell him it's fine and to just do his thing...he does, then afterwards shouts of, "Mom, come here now, the water is green!"


Sunday I had a girls pasta luncheon with 3 of my dearest friends and their children. About an hour into their visit my precious darling decided to tell them all "TO LEAVE, as they were in the way of his playing at the park time."

We all just kinda giggled at him and he said, "Mommy, why won't they leave? I really want to go to the park."

My friends daughter got the flu at the last minute and couldn't come. LM was sad as the other two children there were under the age of 2. He was quite bored and had serious sad face. He kept saying, "mommy why didn't my friend come over?"

After about another hour of visiting, I did take him to the park where we played baseball and ran wild for the remainder of the night.

Kids are hysterical if you let them just ramble on about whatever. I find myself writing down the things LM says and does throughout our days. There is never a dull moment and he is truly my best friend.

LM - even though you are to tiny to read, someday when you are able you'll laugh at all the things you did and said at the rightful age of 3.5!

I am blessed to have you - my darling little man. I love you with all my heart!!



Blogger Diane said...

Cute, but he's going to be telling everyone about your boo boo.

4:47 PM  
Blogger DMM said...

I think it's okay for him to tell people I have a boo boo. I actually had a friend drop stuff off yesterday and he was so adament about telling him, "Mommy has a boo boo."

4:45 AM  

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