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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sense of Accomplishment

What a weekend, it's Sunday night I cannot wait to hit the bed.

On Saturday, I kicked major ass on cleaning out the closet and toy area. I have not had much time to clean with my moonlighting at AA's (not the AA your maybe thinking of either for those smarty pant folks out there). I decided to dig deep getting those heels clicking and bam - the closet is clean with a huge box of clothing for charity and toys for whoever.

As I am cleaning out the toy area, LM takes it upon himself to tell me what I can and can not get rid of. He grabs all of his good sporting equipment and screams, "Mommy, you cannot give this away!!" He than begins to hide everything he wants to keep from me. I did manage to clear out the toy area and it looks marvelous and organized.

I got all the cleaning done with the exception of the bathroom and dusting. I hate cleaning that room and dusting which I will push off for another day - like tomorrow night or maybe after LM showers tonight.

All I know is there is nothing better then a clean closet/drawers and playroom!


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