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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

20/20 Vision

I am 20/20 Vision today – what a cool unexplainable feeling it is to wake up after the need of corrective lenses and having the ability to see. LM thought it was the coolest thing, me needing to wear this shield type thing for when I sleep for the next 7 days.

He quickly put it on and started running around the house, in his football shoes and shorts, of course no shirt carrying the football acting like he was Tony Romo. He then proceeded to tell me that my eyes looked slimy – however, he meant swelled as the boy toy and myself had discussed that earlier. He just couldn't say it right.

My right eye took 1 minute and 25 seconds and the left eye took a whopping 25 seconds. Simply amazing. You go in lay down on the table they tape up your eyelashes then insert a clamp to keep you from blinking. Once that is done they put a suction cup on your eyeball and you lose vision – it is not as bad as it sounds. I was a nervous wreck about that part but no issues. Then comes the laser cutting, you feel pressure like someone sticking their thumb on your eye and BAM it’s done. They peel back the cornea flap put it back on make it all smooth and holy shit you can see. The vision is a little blurry at first or cloudy but as the day progresses it gets clearer.

As far as the surgery, not a bad experience until I got home I had much burning and tearing. They tell you its like when you peel an onion. WRONG, it’s like peeling a billion onions at one time. I had that sensation for about two hours then it finally subsided.

All I could think was, damn it, I gave birth and it didn’t hurt this bad. However, my eyes are very sensitive to light and anything that comes near them. I should have expected this. I talked to quite a few folks about the drama I had afterwards and I am the only one who experienced this out of my friends. The doctor explained it happens to about 40% of the patients, well I’m in that ratio I guess.

Overall, it was not bad and I would do it again. I highly recommend Lasik if you are a good candidate.



Blogger family affairs said...

Thats really good news and a great way to start 2008 - with clear vision! Hope you have a great NY and I'm with you on setting up a single parents club - that way, next Christmas we could all arrange to meet up on a beach in Hawaii!! Lulux

7:04 AM  

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