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Friday, November 30, 2007

A True Fan

You are not a true football fan unless you for starters own every game jersey the team wears. I am not talking one of these cheap-o jerseys either, we are talking 100% authentic, sewn numbers, team emblems and same soft material as the athletes themselves. You personally own the home, away and the infamous throw back for that special game day wearing and strut around the house proudly while it is on, as if you are one of the players.

You move the chair five feet in front of the TV with the laptop sitting on the ottoman so you can blog about your boys after every single play – good or bad. After a play, you clap so loud your neighbors 10 houses up can hear you and your hands hurt afterwards, while screaming, “good job kid, good job.”

You cheer as if you are right there in the stands at the 50 yard line, first row, seat 1. You scream FACE MASK, PASS INTERFERENCE at the refs. However when your team makes the same penalties the world is ending as we know it and the refs are now nitpicking.

You pace back and forth and are going to wear out that new carpet because you are just so nervous and they need just one more touchdown to make you feel all good warm and fuzzy inside – THANK GOD they got that one.

Then no matter what time the game is over you stay up until your hero speaks at the press conference holding onto every single word he is saying and take in every last breath as if it was your own.

This happens in my house every Dallas Cowboy game.

Welcome to my freak show that I simply adore and would not trade in for the world.

Glad your boys are now 11-1.



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