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Monday, October 22, 2007

Cowboy Country

We arrived tattered and torn in Dallas from a long week of San Fran running around and now on down to Texas. We agreed it would be an early night and an easy one for dining as Saturday was going to be action packed from the break of dawn to the setting of dusk.

We started off with a tour of Texas Stadium, who would have thought a grown man would get so excited about a Stadium. However, this just is not any old Stadium it isthe home of the Dallas Cowboys, America’s Team. The day started off early as we had to get there so we could see the locker room before they closed them for the big game Sunday.

After three failed field goal attempts and me not being able to lead the wide receiver we headed up through the Cowboys tunnel to the locker room. But not after an awesome catch by yours truly. You know it is a great catch when the cleaning crew is cheering from the bleachers. Why I am not a wide receiver, I will never know.

Back to the locker room talk, there we found where Tony Romo not only dresses, but showers and drinks from the water fountain before and after game time. I, however, was thrilled about where Marion Barber was stationed for game time dress and of course undresses. MEOW ladies…

I got to see some very cool views from all over the luxury boxes and various stops along the way. I must say it was a very cool experience and probably a once in a life time chance. “T” was in his glory, I mean really, he’s so in love with the Dallas Cowboys it is not even funny.

After our little jaunt of Texas Stadium we heading on over to Six Flags. However, not before we took out small business loans to buy our Cowboy gear – which with we can now start our very on pro shop here in jingletown. Six Flags was so much fun.

There was a ton of people and we almost got arrested for buying a ticket from another individual. Who would have thought you can not buy amusement tickets from someone who had an extra because his friend could not come to his dad’s work picnic. The guy was trying to save us a few bucks.

We headed home after a long hot day of rides, standing in line and of course eating everything that is NOT good for you so we could do it again for supper. Once we got all cleaned up we headed into the West End area of Dallas. There we or I found my first birthday present, a horse and carriage ride of the city. It was very thoughtful, sweet and romantic.

We had dinner afterwards, on the rooftop of a sports bar, where I got carded. AGAIN, getting told my DL had expired. I calmly said, it’s not the 29th of October, it is the 13th. As I thought, why can nobody read the full date before questioning me?

After that we walked around the city had a few brew ha ha’s and headed back to the hotel to get ready for GAME DAY.

Which I will blog about later…I know I know, but I have to keep you coming back and it is just really too much for one posting.

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Blogger Leigh Russell said...

Hi again - so I'll come back... I've managed to post the cover design for my book on my blog and would like to know what you think of it.

1:50 PM  
Blogger Leigh Russell said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting on my book cover. So glad you like it. It's great to have your support. Keep in touch.

11:46 AM  

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