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Friday, October 19, 2007

West Coast Gallivant

As you all know due to hype I boasted about this trip I am about to unload the key highlights. Hopefully with interest of OOOOssss and AHHHHsss from the readers. If not, sorry.

Our Monday began at 4AM as we climbed into the hotel shuttle as we were destined for San Francisco first. Arrival went without any sna-fu’s so of course, life is good. Well, wait, security checked my DL and apparently cannot read the date. He cheerfully said, "um, no flight for you, DL is expired." I quickly or rather smugly said, "Excuse me, today is the 9th not the 29th. Unless I missed something where October wasn't ending on the 31st. " "O you are right, carry on." A smart ass smirk was given. However, I am glad to know they are looking closely.

Check in was smooth and the hotel room somewhat meh-blah. I shirked as I looked out the window to find my rooftop view of my itty bitty hotel room.

My room in San Diego was a trumph, this room on the scale of 1 – 5 a zero. However, the bed and pillows were a huge hit. Very comfy and I sunk deep in as I laid my head down each night. T said, “I am a hotel room snob.” My reply, “I want a good room with a great view if I am flying across country for a seminar.”

After the unpacking, we whisked away back to the Airport to catch the BART, the local subway system. This was actually very cool, however it smelled of bad something or other. A not so clean musty odor, but it was cheap, fast and OOO the ogling I did of people.

We hit Powell Street and headed right for the treat of the Trolley Ride. All I could think of was the Rice O Roni theme song for the first few moments. The ride was very thrilling as we were hanging on the sides with our heads peeping out like a dogs head out the car window expect without the slobber flying all over the place.

Jumped off at Fisherman’s Wharf for a little site seeing and here is were we met the infamous Bushman. This is a guy who sits on the sidewalk or rather crouches and scares the living crap out of passer-byers. How? He growls the most realistic GRR I have ever heard. We asked about him as we sat and had our lunch we learned he’s been around for about 30 years doing this. The waiter told us, “It never gets dull. He’s hysterical.” You know what he was right.

T and I watched from a far and the best moment was when he scared a young lady and her boyfriend's feathers got ruffled and he snapped at the Bushman. O come on, where is the sense of humor, here? He was
F U N N Y!! He however, did not scare the old and frail just the young and foolish. One guy said, “hold on, I’m going to get my girlfriend, I want you to scare her." I thought that was classic. I would do something like that.

We coasted down the Coastal Highway, The One. What beauty in seeing this. God’s work never ceases to amaze me. The real estate on this highway is amazing. I would live there in a heartbeat, but will never afford it.

We settled in at Pebble Beach Golf Resort, O MY WORD, this course is the prettiest course E V E R. T was so amazed he is caught on photo touching the greens saying, “O yea, I am really here.” “I can now die happy. I was at the Masters and now Pebble Beach.” I, of course said, “Not to mention with the best girl on this planet. H E L L O!”

O how soon they forget. ;)

Had a fabulous lunch at the Hog's Breath Inn, which was owned by Clint Eastwood until 2000. He however, still owns the real estate and just leases the properties. Carmel is a great little town, and it cost us $9.00 to get out of there. A story for another time.

Had dinner at Neptune’s Palace strolled along Pier 39, saw the sea lions. Those creatures are huge, loud and smelly!! Food was YUMMERS. The best meal of the week was at the Elephant Bar - SO SO GOOD.

The seminars were great. I learned a lot – Mr. Marty Mercer was there talking about how to improve health and fitness to maximize personal and professional performance. He was very captivating. I have attached him to my list of blogs to read so if you are interested take a gander on over there. He’s quite smart and entertainingly funny.

That was San Fran. Next up for another time/blog – DALLAS and the COWBOYS

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Blogger Leigh Russell said...

HI I'm replying to your comment on my blog - I'm not sure how to do it, so am putting my comment here. You write, so you are a writer. Don't knock what you do, just enjoy it.

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Blogger Leigh Russell said...

Hi there, and thanks again for visiting my blog. I'll definitely let you know when my book's out there. Love to hear what you think of it.

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