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Monday, October 01, 2007

Getting all Caught up

I have a ton of items to catch you all up on. First is my mom, she’s doing quite well. I have started a new schedule of working 2 days a week from 5A – 1P and let me tell you something – I LOVE ending my day at 1P.

It’s great all my 8 hours are in and I still have half the day to go for helping out or just being a bum, which right now is not an option. Today, Darcy and I are heading over to moms to work on some household chore items and just visit.

It’s still going to be a long road to recovery as we learned after she gets the halo off she’ll be put in a another neck brace as her neck muscles won’t be strong enough to hold up her neck. Along with that, much therapy will be needed. However, we are making some progress and getting there.

I on the other hand am completely done with therapy and have begun to play volleyball. YEA!! Our Monday night women’s league started and we are one game in with our 2nd tonight. I absolutely love this team, we picked up two new players due to some pregnancy running among other teammates and let me tell you- WOW did we pick up some nice players. It’s going to be a great season.

I’m heading out to San Fran next week and am looking forward to getting out of jingletown for a few days. On Friday the 12th I along with T will be flying into Dallas and will be sitting in Texas Stadium for the Cowboy/New England game.

A friend of mine at work told me not to worry about getting pictures of NE as they will be photographing me! – The cheaters that they are…

T is defiantly a huge true blue Cowboy fan. I have a feeling he’s in love with Tony Romo more then he’ll admit – although, after yesterdays 3 touchdown passes and 1 himself along with the blooper of the bad snap recovery who wouldn’t be in love with that guy?

As for today, I'm mourning the first loss of the season for the Steelers. Not sure what to say about that.

I also know for right now San Fran is finally on my trip radar and I can’t wait to get there and take the city over by storm.

24 days until Colorado gets hits with the storm from myself and my LM...



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