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Monday, August 06, 2007

Missed Commotion

Waking up on Sunday after a very playful Saturday, I walked out onto the porch to see Ralph (my landlord) hanging out as usual. He greets me with, “Are you just waking up?” My startled look with messy hair may have given that away, “Yep, had a long day and decided to sleep in today.”

It seems that I missed all the commotion of some drunk flying down the side street that rammed into the back of a parked van which pushed the van into a vehicle that was parked in front of it. I missed the sirens; the lights; the policeman and fire fighters all running amuck outside of my home at the rightful hour of 5AM.

I even missed the huge bright spotlight used to shine on the accident scene- Ralph said it was so bright they couldn’t walk into their kitchen or living room without shielding their eyes.
I guess having an air conditioner and dark curtains in the bedroom have paid off.

Well, maybe that helped, but being dead ass tired had something to do with it also.


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