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Monday, July 23, 2007

A Helping Hand

This weekend was the 75th Annual Fireman’s Jubilee which took place right across the street from my cozy home. I worried all week about how I could keep my LM sidetracked from wanting to be over there all week.

On Monday, I diverted him with an Altoona Curve Baseball Game. Then it was decided Tuesday thru Thursday he would spend his time at his dad’s. Phew, that was a lot of pressure off of me. Friday no sooner got here and it was my time with LM. So I picked him up from school headed home, no sooner changed and he realized the park was open for business.

Rats, the secret was out. I really had planned taking him over anyway...but UGH...

We grabbed our money and headed over for a night filled with nothing but Mommy and Me. He rode on all the crazy rides – especially the giant slide and big castle bouncy. Back and forth between the two for hours, while in the castle bouncy he befriended a little boy name Elijah.

After their turn he prompted Elijah over to the big slide along with a little coaxing of his parents the two darted off across the pathway. Elijah was about a foot smaller then LM despite only being a year younger he had soft curly blond hair and the most darling blue eyes. He was so sweet and energetic.

On this giant slide ride they are given burlap sacks to carry up about 50 steps to sit on while sliding down three huge rolling bumps. LM decides he’s going to let Elijah take the lead so he does not chicken out and upon doing so he sees him struggle with the sack. At that moment, LM reaches down and picks up the portion of the sack of his new found friend that is dragging on the ground.

LM and Elijah spent the last 20 minutes of the Jubilee laughing and having the time of their lives riding the slide over and over again.

I gave him a huge hug and a kiss when they were done and told him I was proud of how helpful he was.

At that moment, I knew I was doing a good job raising my child as for my heart was smiling. Hopefully the kindess of his heart that night will always be in the right place.



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