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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Old Injury equals New Injury

I sat patiently in the waiting room for my name to be called out. As the nurse took my file directing me to where the doctor would consult with me I thanked her and sat nervously. Thoughts of nothing ran throughout my head thinking it’s tendentious at worst. I’ll get a shot for pain and be on my merry little way.

Things can’t go that easy for me. For me it’s always Murphy’s Law.

As he twisted; poked and did strength tests my eyes watered due to the overwhelming pain. The Doc tried to make conversation asking questions of all kinds from where did you grow up to have you ever had a shoulder injury as a kid.

No, never, I thought to myself, this is a new injury six months at best. I played sports in High School but nothing other then your normal bumps and bruises or happy marks as LM calls them. His reply I’m sending you for X-rays, I think there’s more to this.

Four x-ray pictures later, I found myself sitting in his highly decorated office of diplomas and achievements he’s received over the years covering every inch of the wall, at that moment, I knew my friend MA sent me to the best in town.

As he, hung my pictures up on the machine I felt the knot in my stomach tighten as he said, “Never had an injury, ever, eh?” Turns out I have a first degree separation that happened some years ago that was never treated has now caused a tear in my rotator cuff.

I sat in shock and didn’t hear much after that other then I’m sending you for an MRI and will start you off with therapy and then surgery. I could feel my eyes fill with tears as I heard no more volleyball for the summer at that moment T reached over grabbed my hand, saying, it’ll be okay.

Again I heard, some minor surgery may be required.” Again, T stroking my hand saying, “I’ll help you with whatever you need and LM too, you’ll be okay.” At that time all I could think about was will I be able to take care of my LM with my arm in a sling?

Dr. M enforced how they care about their athletes and want them to improve and get back to the field or court. He knows how important sports are. He should, he played football for Iowa and blew out both knees.

Now, is the waiting game for Friday’s MRI and a Wednesday teleconference with Dr. M on what the next steps are.

~T - Thank you for your kindness and constant worry over me.



Blogger Diane said...

Oooh. That doesn't sound good at all.

11:03 AM  
Blogger DMM said...

It doesn't feel good either.

11:19 AM  

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