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Monday, June 11, 2007

A spoting of some sort

There he stood just swinging his arms and hips to a beat of his own, not the bands. Just moving and grooving with the crowded dance floor as if he was the only one in the club. His long curly blonde locks flowing to the breeze of the ceiling fan.

Girls hoovering around him like he was a rock star of some sort. The stranger who dressed in black tight pants and a black button down mesh shirt with silver accents; unbuttoned, of course, for all to admire his not so buff and somewhat hairy chest.


Yes, folks you guessed it a Jon Bon Jovi, from his early days, look a like was at the local dance club Saturday night.

I think what amazed me most about this is he actually thought he looked like Jovi and secondly the girls were feeding into his little fantasy, some actually shouting “JON BON JOVI, we love you.” I’m thinking it was the alcohol – being sober at a bar is not actually a bad thing.



Blogger Jimmy said...

I love being sober at bars. Why look like you're drunk and stupid when you can laugh at others being drunk and looking stupid.

8:19 PM  

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