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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Neverending Story - but with Proof this time

After a ton of phone calls out to Mitsubishi in California and my insurance agent it has been determined that after the local dealership warrants a defect we will subrogate against Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi has not been very helpful and my case manager is not at all friendly or helpful.

I know how the system works people. I have been doing Insurance for 13 years now.

The Internet is a beautiful thing – I have learned that the 2007 Eclipse has been recalled for the same exact issue I am having with my Endeavor – lovely – especially since the 2006 Endeavor has not been recalled. It has been found that the key lock cable was improperly manufactured and may not allow the cable end to lock into the floor shifter. Resulting in the system to become inoperative and allow the key to be removed without the gearshift being placed in PARK.

I have also learned that people are rude and just stupid, which I know but one can hope. I do insurance for a living – you are not going to pull anything over on me. However, I know what I did was STUPID and trust me I have beaten myself up over this for almost a week now. The bottom line is Mitsubishi is at fault here as well by not properly installing the cable lock mechanism.

Today while running an errand, I did remove my key on purpose to see if it could in fact be removed from the ignition – the result – key in hand; gear shift in DRIVE – there you have it – the defect has been captured. This time, I scored some really nice photos of the key sitting by the gearshift in drive and the key less ignition in the background. (those will be posted later).

I knew the investment of a brand new digital camera would be handy for other then pictures of my sweet LM.

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