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Monday, June 04, 2007

I want off

Stop the world I want off. Just when you think life is getting normal and slowing down - BAM and I mean B A M. something jerks you around in a 360 degree turn making you think, "nope life is not smoothing out for me."

Last week, I was out on travel or um, out of the office working for work somewhere else in town. It was a nice break from the office but not relaxing in anyway. I have heard more excuses for things and name dropping and the infamous, "Well, don't you know who I am?" No, actually I don't know who you are or care, rules are rules.

The best was a Priest trying to sneak into the functions as he's done for the past 4 years thinking he has every right to do this. Just because you're a Priest doesn't give you special dispensation to these events. However, the committee has agreed to put an invoice in his collection basket on Sunday after telling him of course. He feels there is nothing wrong with his behavior. All I can say is that man has got...some nerve.

Along with that - the name dropper - using the wrong name - now come on people if you're going to name drop get it right. Instead said person shouts at the volunteer "Well, I spoke with Denise at the Business place (and her name is in fact NOT Denise) and she said we could blah blah blah - all the while Denise is standing there and made you look like quite the fool I must say. As Denise told her about it. Hysterical...

Last but not least, on Friday after I finish an exhausting week, I needed to run an errand - jump out of my car run into the mall - come out in less then 10 minutes only to find my car sitting in the back of a 1994 Corvette. Yep, that's right ladies and gentleman, my car drifted only after I find out that I didn't put it in PARK and yet was able to get my keys out of the ignition. Lucky Lucky ME. Yes, of course I feel stupid, who wouldn't?

However, the gentleman that I or rather my car hit - was EXTREMELY NICE probably because I was sobbing dramatically. The insurance company has been extremely helpful and hopeful now only if Mitsubishi will be as helpful - this I am doubting.

There you have it folks - my crazy week/weekend wrapped into one glourious blog.

The highlight - our softball team finally won a game. YEA!!


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