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Monday, June 25, 2007

Wet T-shirt

As I stood under the pavilion taking in all the sites at a rather wild Greenhouse Park I noticed a lot of FRRRREEEAKS standing around – then I heard over the microphone – We need more contestants backstage we only have 4 girls. I thought – are you kidding me, women actually do this? After about 20 minutes, low and behold 11 women climb to the stage from the back all in tattered and torn wife beater tops with the words WET T-SHIRT spray painted in black. The women of course were all sizes and shapes – and thinking they were hot…so not the case.

As contestant one dawned the stage – ripping off her shirt and pulling her pants down shaking her money maker – I was in disbelief thinking – ok – I did not drink enough to be standing here. They go thru the girls and what is really sad – 3 chicks – stripped down to their thongs and pranced around on stage like they owned the place. However, the crowd was not amused one bit shouting, “PUT IT BACK ON” one even shouted – “Put the cottage cheese back in the fridge.”

Hysterical, if you ask me but on the other – quite embarrassing – One would say – good for them for being so comfortable – However, I think it’s degrading to themselves.

The winner was a super skinny pretty girl with blond hair and fake boobies – who was very shy at first but when push came to shove she bared it all – the crowd shouting, “Skin will win” I’m sure helped – especially when she exposed the fact she was bare underneath those painted on jeans.

2nd place was a skinny brunette, a pretty girl. A friend (M) L O V E D her, I think the cheering and phone camera shots gave that away.

Overall, so not worth the money won - $200 and a free tattoo – my opinion – drunk girls are stupid.



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