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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Late Night Caller

I have been having trouble sleeping the last few weeks. Mostly due to the pain in my shoulder and any sudden movement on that side is like a knife being thrust into the deltoid muscle making me jump at the slightest wrong touch.

However, last night I was extremely tired from running a muck all weekend with one quite adorable four year old. At 9:30 we headed off to bed got all snuggled in - said our good-nights and within ten minutes I know we both were out.

I was looking forward to a good nights rest without interruption. What was I thinking? Around 2AM or so my phone rings. I laid there for a second or two trying to figure out if it was a dream or real. Unfortunately it was real. A million things ran through my head, of course, thinking the worst until:

“Who’s this?”
“You called me, who’s this?”
“I don’t know any Kevin’s. You have the wrong number.”
“It’s okay.”

I crawl back into bed checking on LM to make sure his slumber wasn’t disturbed get all comfy cozy again while starting to drift off I am disturbed by the ringing of the phone a second time.

Again, I crawl out of bed – get the phone and after I say my now pissed off hello greeting I hear – O I’m sorry. Click…

All I wanted to say was listen you fool – you got the number wrong the first time what makes you think dialing it a second time is going to make it the right number at freaking 2AM. To bad he hung up so quickly.

People need sleep; people have jobs; people have kids…I need my sleep uninterrupted!!

Next time you are thinking of dialing a number at the glorious time of 2AM or so make sure you have the right number. If by chance the number is wrong don’t dial it a second time.



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