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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Bat...

My son has broken 2 plastic bats in a matter of one week. Instead of going on out and wasting a few measly dollars I decided to invest in a good hard core bat. We’re talking the mother of all bats – a regulated tee ball bat that makes the ping sound as it blasts the ball to the outfield.

After swim lessons I told LM I had a huge surprise for him if he was, of course, good. He complied and was the perfect little angel any mother would have dreamed for. Once he got in the car I drove him over to the park where the little league baseball games are held, made him close his eyes and pulled out a brand new black bat with flames hovering around the tip.

You would have thought LM won the local lottery. He started to jump around screaming at the top of his lungs, “Mommy, thank you!” At that moment, we proceeded to the home plate and pitchers mound were T threw in some mean pitches. I watched from the catchers position amazed that my baby could hit the ball to the outfield over and over again.

He did struggle in the beginning for the feel of his new bat but once he got the hang of it there was no holding him back. I really need to invest in a video camera at this point.

We got home ordered pizza – he even sat nicely on the porch and gobbled down his 2 pieces before asking to go over to bat around again. Not to mention, he just had to show the landlord, Ralph. This time taking over 2 baseballs and 2 softballs – LM was impressed with how big the softballs were – kids, funny things they come up with and say.

We played until dark only to find that LM developed a small blister on this thumb, next time I’ll pull out the batting gloves I got him when a hissy fit was taken in Dunham’s. ARG, story for another time.

This morning when he got up he asked if he could take his bat to his dad’s but only to show him because he wanted to keep the bat at my house. I agreed, and with that we were off to Dad’s. He jumped out of the car hid his bat behind his back pulling it out and showing Dad his mean swing. After explaining his boo boo he handed me the bat and said, “See you in a few days mom, and thanks again for the bat!”

It’s times like this that make you feel so proud and loved!



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