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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Local Mitsubishi Dealership Sucks

I have decided that I hate the local Mitsubishi dealership and the Attorney General’s Office along with Mitsubishi Corporate. Apparently, they can’t make a dealership even though it’s a Mitsubishi dealership look at my car because they are independently freaking owned.

Even if Mitsubishi tells them to look at it and you feel they haven't looked at it properly, they are still in their own rights. All the dealership did was take it around the parking lot trying to pull the key out in various areas, to them that's correct. You idiots, you need to look at the cable mechanism as I told you it doesn't happen every single time - but I feel as the consumer once is more then enough. who wouldn't?

Now, what does that say for me? I have a brand new vehicle, bought from Blue Knob Auto Sales who under prices all local dealerships and we all know how the big fish HATE that, and no warranty. To bad that I have 40,000 miles and 4 years left to go on my null and void warranty.

However, I can drive to another Mitsubishi Dealership that is only 50 miles and one hour away (100 miles and 2 hours round trip) to see if they will look over the cable mechanism of my 2006 Endeavor. My response to that is SCREW YOU. Why should I have to take off work and pay the price in gas when there is no reason the local dealership can’t honor my warranty.

To think I bought this car because it was given great reviews and I wanted to feel safe in the winter time as I cart my butt and LM around to various areas of this snow filled region.

I may just may be getting rid of this SOB. It’s paid off so what should I care other then not wanting another car payment to deal with.

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Blogger Diane said...

Shit. This is one reason why we only buy new cars.

So, their option or selling are the only options that you have left?

8:32 PM  
Blogger DMM said...

I can either drive to another dealership to see if they will honor my warranty, keep it as is or trade it in.

It's not worth trying to sue.

It just sucks as there is a defect and no one wants to help me. Sometimes being a consumer isn't a good thing.

I'm getting ***ked and not even enjoying it!!

4:27 AM  

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