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Friday, September 14, 2007

A Fish named...Tammy

Despite of all the crazy drama going on in my little world with my mom and her injuries I decided to take a much needed break and take LM to the Cambria County Fair. Let me tell you of all the sites I took in that evening – H O L Y. Not that I think I am anything rather special because I certainly am NOT but some people’s kids. W O W

Also, my younger sister, Darcy, has a bit of a horse fetish and was showing her horse and talent off that week so we went in support of her. T & I loaded up the SUV and headed for the hills last Friday night.

After a few rides and some games, LM took it upon himself to do the ball toss, win a fish game. All I could think of was GREAT along with the chances of him getting this ping pong ball in this itty bitty fish bowl is a mere chance of 1 in 20 – since he only had 20 balls.

Dang it if the girl didn’t feel bad and gave LM a fish after all 20 balls were bounced in, out and in between the bowls and wooden planks. At that time, what is a mother to do squash her little darling’s heart and say thanks but no thanks, I don’t think. So yes, we took the fish.

As we are leaving, we decided to detour through the steel buildings so LM wouldn’t see the rides he spent hours running back and forth in between only to hit the candy store. I agree to buy him multi-colored fish for being so good.

As I’m waiting in line I hear splat and look over to see a dropped fish bag with water running out as if the Hoover Damn exploded. The fish flows out of the bag onto the floor flipping around backwards somersaults and all. T goes to pick up the fish and it is slippery then snot and is getting away, thankfully, a younger kid comes over and scoops the fish right up.

In the meantime, LM sticks out his bottom lip and begins to wail while holding onto my leg for comfort. T takes the fish and heads back to the stand only to save the day by getting a new fish for LM.

LM’s hero…

The fish now sits on our counter in a Tupperware dish since I have no other type of bowl to date and Oliver’s bowl got broken when a couple of kids got crazy out of hand playing ball in the house – which is a story for another day.

Last but not least, as we’re leaving the fair, I asked LM what he was going to name is fish and he replies…Tammy.


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