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Thursday, October 04, 2007


Ever have a week so bad you were wishing really hard to be someone else, maybe not someone else but that people didn’t know your name or job title? That is me this week. I just wanted to change my name, title and job – to like – Sue Bleh, Janitor, Night Crew.

By saying that, I am not making reference that a janitor’s job is easy, however belonging to the night crew you are left alone to just clean up after everyone. No different then being a mother, I would think, probably more labor intense but there would be no demanding or demeaning calls. Just clean up and go home. I am okay with that.

My job is much like that but I clean up bigger spills and take the demanding calls all day. I am in desperate need of some time off and my Tuesday flight can’t get here soon enough.

Stop the world, I want off.


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