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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Biggest Game of the Season – Tell All

Here it is, the blog you have all been waiting for, okay maybe not, but that was a great opening you have to admit.

Sunday, October 14th, 2007 – the most important game in NFL History was about to take place and me, little me, was going to be there watching. Not only watching but watching from Section 8 – Row 24 – Seat - whatever it was in the middle I did not catch the number – but I was on the 25-30 yard line. Man these seats ROCKED the house.

The Dallas Cowboys played the New England Patriots both going into game 5 undefeated. My understanding of all of this is, it has been years since two teams have battled it out this far into the season. We arrived at Texas Stadium about 11:00 parked and walked the long walk on over to the Corral where all the cool people tailgate. It was five bucks to get in and there we found a ton of food, booze and an amazing 80's band. Let the fun begin.

What I was not ready for was the thousands of Patriot fans from all over coming into the Cowboy's house to cheer for their team and be nice!! Who expects the opposing team fans to be nice and friendly? Surely, not me. Laughs were shared and teasing amongst each other went on two hours before game time and yes, there was alcohol involved, yet no problems, it was actually peaceful among the Corralled folks.

As I entered the stadium, chills flowed on down through this body just knowing I was there, a part of NFL history, I am a lucky gal! We scooted our way up to the front row on the Cowboys side and watched them practice for about, O I’d say, 60 minutes before game time. We got to see them run practice plays and stretch those muscles, laugh a little and stratergize with each other before hitting the locker rooms to get dressed.

They came out of the tunnel like gang busters the cheerleaders leading in dance getting the crowd all jacked up for the big event. Blasts of fire shot out of the boxes along with smoke as the team made their way across the field. The crowd went nuts. The Pats came out and you heard shouts of boos from all over. With the exception of the Pat fans who surrounded us, but our shouts of boos were much louder then their cheers.

The Cowboys played a great game, well up until the fourth quarter, in my opinion. They played with pride and ability. The Pat fans were worried and some even sweating it out. The Tom Brady sack which ended in a touchdown for Dallas was amazing. Tony Romo played a great game. I look for him to lead the Cowboys to greatness. I have my eye on that young quarterback as I am sure a lot of ladies do.

The game ended sadly with Dallas loosing, however the fans were proud of their boys for playing tough and will continue to love them through good and bad days. I know I will and there is no doubt in my mind that “T” will love them until the day he dies. He is a Cowboy FREAK!

After the game, “T” took my hand and literally dragged me over to where the players come out. There was a ton of pushing and shoving and my word get back jack this is my spot and I was here first comments going on. As for me, I was happy to be a part of seeing the guys come out, however, I could have done without all the other nonsense that came with it.

Some of the players stopped and signed autographs, while others just wanted to get to their cars and get the hell home. Really, could you blame them? They just played hours of hardcore football people, I would not want to sign anything if it were me.

However, I got some great photos and got to see some of the players up close and sort of personal. These guys are big dudes!! Their families came out that way and we got to see their wives, kids, moms, dads and the whole gang which was cool. I laughed to myself, thinking maybe that will be me someday when LM hits it big with his baseball career. Impossible I know, but a mother can dream.

After all that jazz, we headed back to the Corral grabbed a bite to eat, had a few beers, danced a little and headed back to the hotel. The 4AM wake up call was going to come sooner then later.

As for the trip home, that is an adventure in all itself!! The airlines, gotta love ‘em.

Not to mention, I’m doing the flying thing again tomorrow. Please pray for clear skies so my flight outta town will take off on time.

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