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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Where is Monday?

I woke up this morning only to find my car covered in inches of cold, fluffy white stuff. SNOW UGH…My car starter Santa brought me can not get installed fast enough. There I was in my heels, dress pants and pea coat scraping away as thoughts of the Grand Bahamas danced in my head. Someone really needs to rethink the dress code for winter.

This is by far the first time I have ever wished it to MONDAY. You see, Monday I am flying to a far away warm place with crystal clear blue waters for meetings that I do not have to attend but probably will only because I am a good sport like that. I decided way back in July that since work would not send me to this little meeting that all my friends were attending; to take it upon myself to hook up with my gal pal who is going. I am using vacation time while attending the meeting as her guest. Brilliant plan if you ask me.

While attending as her guest, I will enjoy a few Yacht parties on the Adrianna III whilst I rub elbows with some muckity mucks and drink until my hearts content. I can not wait to see old friends from last year’s Cayman trip and catch up on business matters of the heart or um…something like that.

Then I can either golf or snorkel with the group but I think I will just lie my hiney on the beach basking in the rays catching up on some much needed zzzzzzz’s.

Right now, it is not a bad start to 2008.



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