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Monday, December 31, 2007

Say it ain’t so. New Year’s Eve is upon us again. Where did the year go? I have not even blogged about Christmas yet. That is really not my fault though, I have the most darling pictures of LM and my camera is MIA due to crazy boy toy leaving it at the brother’s house. So that leaves me with blogging about NYE.

Welcome 2008. It is that time for crazy resolutions that no one ever really keeps and for the wheel of life to keep on turning. 2007 was full of twists and turns and a roller coaster ride that I thought would never stop. It actually didn’t stop but it slowed down a little bit, I think.

As for what 2008 brings me, only God knows however, I’m open to anything. I’m looking forward to a solid year of adventures with LM as he starts big kid school and sports. I am also looking forward to what adventures are in my future. I hope to travel more and hopefully be in a cozy new home and to grow another year closer to the boy toy.

I’m hoping for making huge sales and commissions with my new part time job as a bridal consultant. HA, me in the bridal sells business – who would have thought – this is the girl that is anti-valentine’s day or was, I’ll get to that story another day. I make decent money at my full time job but really, I cannot beat the money for part time and I get to pick my hours. Plus the girls I work with are F U N!!

I pulled this little gig out when I went to pick up a bridesmaid dress. I got offered the job on the spot. Ya know, due to my great looks, witty charm and vibrant sense of humor and total out going personality. Ok Ok maybe that was a little overboard, but it makes me feel good.

Who walks into a place when the Manager puts the customer on hold and says, “DMM, would you like to work here part-time, its not like you are never in here?’ The thought that ran through my head, “are you kidding me?” But then I thought what the hell extra cash for LM and I would be nice.

It’s really not a bad deal, but anywho…where was I…O yes, 2008…may you all have a great New Year’s and KISS the one you love most at midnight.



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Blogger DMM said...

It's great I love it. I get to sale and snoop on bridal and prom gowns for get an hourly rate + COMMISSION...can't beat it...

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