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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Guest Blogger for moment

Hey there...DMM was getting kind of bored with her topics so I threw this one her way - kinda like tossing a dog a bone to say... I asked her if I could vent and if she would post for something different and of course she said SURE...so here it it my venting blog for the moment...

Ex-Wives. Whether you are one, will soon be one, or aspire to be one (because I personally think everyone should be one at least once), there’s usually a provision that goes along with it, and that’s to live up to the EX part of it and move on.

You are divorced for a reason. You left/he left/it was mutual/whatever, bottom line - it didn’t work out. For however long you were separated, whether it be months or years and tried maybe numerous times to work it out, you still had that extra 90 days to contemplate the fate of your marriage. And yet, you still signed the papers.

So it was a friendly divorce. Great. Keep in touch, send Christmas cards, but recognize your boundaries when your ex finds happiness again with someone else. You even go gallant lengths to wish him well and respect his relationship. So you say.

Especially when you are, and have been for some time, in a relationship and even move in with someone.

Your ex is not your security blanket, and the threat to have that taken away is not your opportunity to slink back in and relive old times. Of course now that you have something new to pursue, your current relationship comes to an end.

Now we are evil creatures by nature, but nice boys with big hearts are blindsided by our sweetness to get what we want. But, certain circumstances are best left untouched by your selfishness.

You know you won’t be happy together (again) once you succeed in your undertaking. You’ve already been there, remember?

But, mission accomplished, your man is blanky snuggable again.

Tomorrow I will bring you back to your regular scheduled DMM O yes, I am a female who wrote this - just my point of view on being the EX-Wife



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