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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Worst Day E V E R and what $150 will get you

I’m getting LM up for school, get him dressed and head downstairs, all is well in my marry little world until, Mom, I have to pee. At this point, he realizes he doesn’t have on the pants he wants, begins to cry. I ask him what is wrong, he says, “I didn’t want to wear these pants, I want jeans.” I tell him to change and make it snappy as I didn’t want to be late for Daddy’s.

He runs up stairs and begins to cry harder, I want these jeans…I tell him it’s fine to just put them on and come on. He puts them on with my help of course, he decides to put his shoes on – ON THE WRONG FEET. I promptly tell him – those are the wrong feet, NO THEY’RE NOT HE SHOUTS. I said, calmly, if you can believe that, Yes, they are honey and show him – he still screams NO THEY AREN’T. I give up and leave…

I leave saying, Fine, you put them on and we’ll see. I head downstairs while he’s crying his little head off, shouting "my shoes don’t fit they are too big." Gee, I wonder why? Anyway, I head outside to start my car, he follows screaming louder and harder, because at this point he thinks I left him.

I come back in the shoes are still on the wrong feet and we leave…I take a turn in the car and his Valentine’s treats GO EVERYWHERE – at this point I’m steaming mad. LM is still in the back crying for some unknown reason other than to God, I get to his dad’s he stop crying gets out, thinks all is right with the world and all I want to do is cry. Instead, I clean up all the treats and get him to the door – we say our goodbyes, I hate this part every Wednesday morning…

I then get to work only to realize I forgot the Birth Certificate I need for Monday’s Kindergarten registration. Email “the dad” and get this phone call –

“I don’t have it you do."
“Um, no I don’t, you wouldn’t give me the original. You only sent me a photocopy interoffice.”
“Yes, I did. You needed it for your trip to Denver….”
“No, I needed no ID for LM for the plane ride, call Airport Security they will confirm it.”
“Well, then I don’t know where it is as it’s not where I keep it.”
"This is just dandy since I need it for Mondays registration."


So $150 later I have one Birth Certificate ordered via internet services to come for delivery by Monday. HAPPY FREAKING WEDNEDSAY.

However, the good news for the day is Mitsubishi came, took my car for a jaunt and yes, there is a defect. (I told you so local dealership morons). Mitsubishi will be getting in touch with me after they view another rollaway Endeavor in WV.



Blogger family affairs said...

hello, how are you? Haven't been in touch for a while...good to see you have a kid with an attitude too...and yes, my oldest is now 15 - it seems minutes ago that he was 4. Lx

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