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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Little Charity Goes a Long Way

We are having what is called "The Cinderella Project" here at the workplace. This is where you can donate any and all types of prom/bridesmaid or special occassion gowns/shoes/accessories that you have worn and want them OUT of your closet.

I have donated 4 gowns and it feels great to know that some young girl will be able to go down to the Y and have any dress she wants. I have talked to the committee members and the Y is packed full of new and slightly used gowns.

Doing this project is a great feeling. Just knowing that I helped make some girl's prom night special is a great feeling!!

Great job to all committee members and the Y for bringing this project together.



Blogger Mr Lady said...

THAT is a great idea! Want a wedding dress? I HATE mine. ;)

9:36 PM  

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