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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

For Me?`

We were out to dinner with the men's softball crowd on Friday...the local Blvd Grille is the men's sponsor so we dine there often as our thank you for the money to play.

Our usual conversation got a little edgy but we were careful not to insult the adorable 5 year old with us. As we are talking about an old friend's house party it was mentioned that he brought out a box of "adult toys." Do not even ask why he brought them out as it has been three weeks and we are still wondering the same thing.

My friend John brought up the "box of toys" and we of course all laughed about it and were joking around when Ty looked up at the crowd of men and as if on queue said "for me?" "Mom a box of toys for me?"

The conversation went something like this:

John: What is he doing with that "box of toys?"

Me: Who knows it creeped me out. Especially in a house they are trying to sell.

John: Having a full box of toys is just weird.

Me: Well, I'm glad it's his box of toys. There are too many "toys" for one person I think.

In chimes the 5 year old:

Ty: A box of toys "for me?"

Of course he bats his baby blues and has a huge grin on his face - as if it were Christmas Day.

Laughter filled the outdoor deck area...

Ty: Mom why is your face all red??

Let's just say the conversation quickly changed to something else from the "box of toys."



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