In my little world "I am Queen"

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Beach Trip

A few weeks ago I headed off to the beach for a wonderful time in the you got it, sand, sun and of course volleyball.

Who would have thought the tempatures would hit the 90 degree mark so late in the year? Not me, is right...

On Saturday the girls and I faired well taking 2nd place on our net - what a great time that was...

On Sunday the day started out well - TW and I were up 14-9 losing 16-14 - couldn't do a darn thing right. I was to blame, the heat started to set in and exhaustion was playing its mean little toll. The game lasted an hour - back and forth, side out after side out - we just couldn't close the barn door on this team. Plus, TW and I are playing in the A Division now that we had to go and win in the Spring.

What were we thinking?

After the game was finished I walked to the restroom feeling quite weak and weary. Feeling the onset of dizziness and nausua. Coming back to the boardwalk I sat down were a nice couple stopped asking if I was okay. I explained that I was hot and dizzy. They promptly poured water on my head and gave me their water bottle to drink. At that time I wasn't thinking germs I was thinking help me before I pass out and die.

I got seated under the canopy where my friends were and they promptly dashed to my aide helping with cooling my body tempature down and getting fluids in my system. Naturally it was to much for my body to handle and I promptly began to toss my cookies. Not a pretty site - however, it was only water and gatorade.

Thinking I was going to have to end the long day I sat slumped in my seat dousing myself with water from my cooler and resting.

We thought of tossing in the towel for the day and I said no way, I didn't drive 5 hours to give up.

So we played. TW played amazing, I heart this guy. Shhhhh don't tell his wife though. He was wonderful that day in everyway a partner on the court could be. He picked up the pieces that I let fall and drove us to a great victory. We ended the day with a 5-2 record taking 2nd place.

This is us in our victory game - putting the silver medal in our pockets...


I can sleep through anything, mom

We took Ty to the Pitt - Iowa game on Saturday. This is how we spent the third quarter.

Then on Sunday my baby boy scored a 40 yard touchdown.


Thursday, September 04, 2008


Last night LM had a football game against a local schools kindergarten kids. LM scored the first touchtown running 40yards along with scoring the two point conversion.

Then he scored this touchdown at the end of the game. It was a total blast watching him and the other kids.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Football Player

LM played is first game last weekend. He is playing the position of running back because he's really fast.

7 rushing yards were gained by this little athlete of mine and he had one tackle and two tackle attempts.

Tonight is his second game - perhaps a video for tomorrow's cyber stalkers of mine.