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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shh...It's A Birthday Surprise


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And This Is What The Pottstown Rumble Looks Like

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Mo Fo Sandbaggers

Sandbagging refers to a competitor who misrepresents his skill level in order to gain easy victories over less-skilled opponents. With that definition out of the way I will break out into story, song or dance, whichever you prefer to call this ditty of a story.

This weekend a group of us carted our canopies and volleyballs off to Pottstown, PA for the toughest grass tournament on the east coast the Pottstown Rumble.

The weather was perfect and the competition - fierce as always. On Saturday the group finished by all of us making it to playoffs, which was totally awesome. The majority of us range from solid BB to not so solid A players. Knowing the stiff competition that we would encounter we played it safe and chose to stick to what we knew best which is BB.

We all faired out well. E & W taking 2nd place in Women’s BB; myself and A finishing in the top 5th-8th which with my shoulder issues is remarkable. E & W knocked us out – we tried to give them a good game but I puckered out not to mention my serve receive was less than on mark that game.

Two of our male friends took first place on their net, now mind you the one male (C) hasn’t played volleyball in about four years and (T) plays a solid BB+ /A level.

While playing their last game they destroyed the other team, who in turn didn’t take it well accusing C & T of, yep you guessed it, sandbagging. Calling them Mo Fo (you can fill in the rest of the lettering) Sandbaggers and they signed up for BB division and if you’re passing and hitting the ball that well you should be in A or AA.

As they finished up C took the score sheet up to the tally table to get set up for playoffs (there were 16 nets in their division.) The poor sports follow him complaining to the rules and rec committee about how C & T were sandbaggers.

C explains how he hasn’t played volleyball in four years and has only played doubles a few times. The poor sport says but your buddy is solid A or AA he can pass and hit. Duh, you idiot, that is what volleyball is – especially doubles...the rules and rec committee told him it was too late they should have questioned it earlier and lucky for them they don’t play them in playoffs first round.

I had to laugh at this as playoffs began. T & C were down 10-6 crawling back to a 12-10 win to make second round which left them in the dust losing 9-11. Now, if they had been sandbagging they would have crushed every team in their way.

I have learned when playing at all skill levels you take the good with the bad. I’m out there to yes, win, however there are days that you got it and days that you just do not. I just wish I had more days when I have it.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ah, Undies..



Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Because Pizza and Tattoos go together

LM and I decided to meet up with Aunt D for dinner and small talk. What a great time catching up, as I have been extremely busy with two jobs (now finally back to one) and have not had much time for well...anything...

Plus she got a hot new ride that we were dying to check out. The two of us decided to let LM pick and of course pizza it was. When out of the corner of his little blue eyes he spotted the many coin machines that all mothers in the world loath, if you don't there is something wrong with you...anyway...

After pulling through the trenches of my purse along with Aunt D's for quarters we found ourselves purchasing tattoos. Two sharks and a scorpion. The little dude could not wait to put those bad boys on.

All three ended up on his itty bitty body - one on the arm, the calf and of course the best place ever for the last and largest the stomach.

Today going into school he was the tough guy, bold and bad assed marked with his new tats to show all the other preschoolers...now all he needs is his motorcycle bicycle.

Spiderman, I think you are on the way out.


Monday, June 16, 2008

A 5th Birthday Party in the Works

I was not quite sure what to do for LM’s 5th birthday this year. I pondered on different things, having a party at the park where the kids can run around like lunatics playing and chasing each other while serving burgers; hot dogs and many salads. To me that just sounded like to much work. I’m looking for simple but fun.

I even thought about the dreaded Chuck E. Cheese parties, and I refuse to do that to myself. A swim party was up my alley as LM loves to swim, splash and jump in the pool never getting tired. The thought of 20 kids splishing and splashing did not peek my interest neither did playing life guard for 2 hours. I am in Risk Management, what can I say, everything is a concern of mine.

Ah, at last a decision was made, a miniature golf party with just cupcakes and ice cream. A mother’s dream or um, nightmare come true. A local ice cream establishment has a birthday party package. You get one round of mini golf and a cone. Perfect if you ask me all I need to bring are cupcakes and napkins.

Here’s hoping to a great time, no rain along with the kids not using the golf clubs as swords at some point throughout the party.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Sports at this age is simply adorable.

LM is #7...


Monday, June 02, 2008

He's got 'tude...

On Saturday while my darling little boy was playing soccer he decided to yell at the little girl on his team for kicking the ball out of bounds. He shouted at her, “Corona, why did you kick the ball out of bounds, you should have turned it.”

The Father is the coach and while we are divorced we both still have the same rules regarding attitude – LM got benched. As he crossed his arms and stuck his bottom lip out and marched is little dupa over to the sidelines, I saw a little bit of me in him.

I just found it horrible yet funny at the same time. My child has attitude which is not good if used in the wrong way. However, he’s competitive like his mom and that may be a bad thing. I am a total beotch on the volleyball court.

We made him apologize to the little girl and the Father again explained why he got benched. LM seemed to understand but I am not so sure.

After todays email rantings back and forth with the Father I found this was not the first time LM got benched. As last week LM was told to get the two soccer balls when another teammate went to help, LM got angry, yelled, HEY I WAS TO GET THOSE picked the ball up and struck the other kid in the back.

Great I thought, I have a little monster on my hands…

Looks like my child will be riding the alpine slide instead of seeing the green field.

He starts flag football in the fall – I wonder how that will go.