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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Thank You Note

A thank you to my friends T&B for being ever so thoughtful:

T & B:

I went to my volleyball game last night with Spiderman – and now everyone is calling me Spidy’s mom…it’s a great title…I did want to let you know that I got the costume off of him – FINALLY…he cried this morning when I dressed him…didn't like the outfit, wanted, get this, Spiderman Costume. Having gone through that ordeal when I showed up at preschool another little boy was dressed as Spiderman. The mother mentioned it was because LM was Spiderman yesterday, her son was mad so today he’s Spiderman…

I have now labeled you as a troublemaker who I absolutely LOVE and ADORE!!!

I cannot begin to thank you and B enough for the past weekend. Your generosity towards me and especially LM was immeasurable you are truly a best friend.

So thank you again for being you. I love you guys!!!

~Spiderman’s Mom…


Monday, February 26, 2007

Spidy in the HOUSE!!

On Friday I picked up LM for a weekend adventure. We took off to Avondale, Pa to visit friends. The trip was a fairly easy one all turnpike and very few back roads. I made exceptional time - traffic was a movin...

When we got to T&B's she took LM into the guest room and there sat an abundance of gifts for him all wrapped carefully and with much love. On the bed was a Spiderman Costume stuffed with paper bags so it was life looking.

After we had our happy hour we took LM in put on his PJ's and he immediately wanted the Spiderman Costume on. After sleeping with it on he didn't want to take it off. So off to breakfast we went and to an indoor arcade - all with the spiderman costume.

I was able to talk him out of the outfit for bed that night as it needed washed. However, when we awoke on Sunday morning that was the first thing he asked for. I let him put it on for the ride home.

Once we got home he paraded around in this outfit all night going to bed in it AND yes even wearing it to school today.

When you become a parent you learn to choose your battles and fighting with him in the morning is not a battle I want to pick. As I'm not a morning person in the least and fighting with him is the last thing I want to do.

Today, when I got him to school all the parents were oooing and awwing over his outfit.
Tonight's issue - getting that dang outfit off and my child into normal clothes...UGH...

Overall the weekend was great. My friends T&B are generous hosts and I can't thank them enough for their thoughtfulness with LM. I'm a softy and when it comes to my child my heart melts when someone shows nothing but love towards him. T&B both showed me that this weekend. It was one of the best weekends with friends I have had in a long time.

I can not wait to go back to visit them.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pot Luck

My writing has really been slacking lately. I guess so much has been going on or just the opposite that I don't know which topic to pick to write about or maybe I'm just being "lazy!"

So I'm just going write about a lot of nothing which is usually what my blog contains anyway.

I had a friend call me who I haven't talked to in years. It was so nice to hear that voice on the other end saying to me hello...how are you? I haven't talked to you in years but I've been thinking about you.

WOW, that is a great feeling to have. I was able to catch up with him, learning he has the most adorable family of 4. I can't wait to get out to Ohio with my LM and spend the weekend having pizza, beers and children screaming and playing. He and his wife are simply the best and I miss them.

My friend G is finally home from her 2 week vacation. Man did I miss her. It's hard to go 2 weeks without talking to your best friend. Especially when you talk to them 2; 3 or sometimes 4 times a day. I know that sounds like a lot but it is always about important stuff.

TK is still off trolloping around with Mickey, Minnie and gang. She's back this weekend and man do I miss her. I miss my work buddy.

I guess you don't realize how much you adore someone until they leave you for a few days.

Although, there are some people that could be gone for years and I'd be like WHO ?- O didn't realize they've been gone. Those are the folks that aren't friendly or don't grasp the heart they way others do.

Life a funny little journey...


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fate or Luck

What a weekend. I always end up having amazing stories to tell at the water cooler about my wild weekends or nights. Seems that "crazy" follows me everywhere I go.

I'm going to talk about Saturday into Sunday and end there.

Saturday, I headed on a trip to the 'burgh to party with my buddies the P's and L. On the trip down I ended up sending my friend T a text message about coming down, meeting up with us. Not thinking T would but as fate would have it - T does.

All of the 'burgh is booked due to the Rod Steward concert so as we're sitting at the Hard Rock, D gets a phone book and gives T some numbers of places to stay near by. None of us wanted T to drive back home as it's about 1.5 hour and by yourself late at night - would just suck.

Hands clapping and high fives all around as we get the great news of "Yes, there is room at the Inn." Shots were bought and celebrating began. The night ended with laughs, drinks and much dancing.

Sunday we all head back to town. I decided to ride back with T we got back to Jtwn around 1:00ish. Ah, sweet sweet couch and a long awaited nippie nap.

Then the phone rings. It's the P's...

"Hey we just got back."
"Serious, it's 4:00, you guys get lunch and dinner?"
"No we were in a serious car accident."

At this time, I freeze and have that throw up feeling...My friends were hurt and I wasn't there - I should have been in that car...

"Everyone is OK." "The car hit black ice, did a 180, hit a street sign, and then the car rolled."
"O my God!"
"Drivers side window got busted"
"D, I'm so sorry."
"All I could think of was, Thank God you went home with T!"
"All I can think of was I should have been with you guys. I'm so sorry."

When I hung up with the P's all I could was cry. Then called T.

I have not been able to stop thinking about the "what ifs." I'm so grateful that T wanted to come down and hang with me and was able to get a room. If not, what would have happened? I know for a fact that I wouldn't have had my seat belt on only because I was in the back seat. I never would have thought to put it on.

L was hurt but she is fine. The P's minor scraps and bruises.

It's so weird how the whole weekend played out. I have spent the last 3 days thinking of nothing other then - my guardian angel must have been working overtime this weekend.

I never give fate much thought but I have really given it major thought this weekend. I guess it wasn't my time or maybe enough has gone on in my life the last few years that someone thought I needed a break.

Whatever the reason for how the weekend played out I'm grateful my friends are well and thankful T took the time to come hang with us.


Friday, February 16, 2007

Hell Week

This has had to the most miserable week thus far of the new year!!

I had the perfect "date" planned with games; laughing and side stitches that would continue to hurt until morning - then BAM - Old Man Winter decided to get his panties in a twist and reek havoc on my evening with LM. How dare he?

All I have to say is hello to a foot of snow and ice, cold winds and freezing temps! What the hell did Mother Nature do to OMW this time. GRR GRR

So instead of all the glam, we ordered Chinese sat at home snuggled on the couch and watched movies until bedtime. So I guess it wasn't all that bad...but wait...

As LM is running down the hallway to his momma's room his little legs get in tangled with each other and smack; hence all the screaming and yelling. I run in to find him laid out on the floor in tears. Frantically searching his body for blood, I find a scrape from the metal bed frame that he lodged himself into as he fell.

My thought, thank God it wasn't his face or head - I was not in the mood for an ER run or putting 3.5 y/o thur stitches. I couldn't even imagine that nightmare.

I'm thinking this week can't get any worse but wait yet again doom lurks around the corner.

Yesterday - Grandma calls, "Um, honey...LM had peanut butter toast at my house on Wednesday and it's the type they are recalling."

My reaction - great what next?

Well, I'll tell you...screaming, yelling, painful tears at midnight. Doubled over holding the belly screaming Mommy make it stop. Ugh...I wait until 2:30AM and off to the ER to get him checked out.

I'm told if the PB is tainted all we have to do is let the germs run their course. WTH does that mean, you can't give me an antibiotic, you know just in case? UGH...3:15AM home at last thinking LM must be exhausted - WRONG...

I put in his favorite movie to try and calm him down - 6:00AM rolls around and he's finally ready for bed.

Call the boss man (who by the way is wonderful) let him know I'll be late -

Finally I'm getting in the car to take LM to school...as I'm leaning over to buckle him in - he hugs me then kisses my cheek saying, "Mommy, I love you." "And my belly not hurt anymore!"

Ah, sweet victory for a hell of a week.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

3 Apples High

Tomorrow, I will be the luckiest person on this planet. How you ask? Let me share my fun filled evening of bliss that I have planned and with whom.

I have the greatest evening planned with the cutest most adorable person E.V.E.R. Although, he is much shorter than I and just wee bit younger than I, he will be the best date ever.

He makes me laugh so much my sides will be screaming for me to stop. He is most energetic, along with having the most adorable smile he has huge blue eyes and an amazing personality.

The place of dining choice for our special "heart day" is none only other than the infamous child's play land called Chuck E. Cheese.

Yep, that's right Chuck E Cheese. I have a date with the ultimate 3.5 year old (as if you hadn't guessed) that will consist of holding hands; butterfly kisses; eating pizza and slurping down sodas while waiting for the ski ball machine to open.

Once dinner is done let the gaming begin!! I will however, have to let him win a game or two. After that's all over we'll make our way to the prize counter for him to pick out a trinket of his choice then head home for a movie before bed time.

It'll be the best heart day ever.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Hard to believe

It's hard to believe that Monday is here, yet again. I haven't blogged all week. That should tell you that my week was very quiet. I guess I have just been laying low as well.

There really isn't much to report, sometimes dull and boring can be good. Laying low has been working well for me - it's keeping me out of the gossip loop - This, I like.

However, this coming weekend should be filled with a ton of good times with many stories to be told at the water cooler come Monday or uh, Tuesday. As I'm one of the lucky ones to have President's Day off. YIPPEE - sleeping in and lounging all day in the flannels, what more could a gal ask for? Unless, I brave the slopes. Hummmnnnn...

As for the week, I have a friend that has purchased a local bar, remodeled it completely and is finally ready for the public. The grand opening is to be tomorrow. Friday you may be able to find me there hanging out paying patronage to the new establishment.

I have a feeling there will be many folks that I know there so I'm not sure how long I'll actually stick around. I have come to find it's not a small world, it's a small town that I live in. Everyone knows everyone and especially your private business. So being out of site and mind is a good thing.

Saturday is a trip into the 'burgh with close friends which should be a blast. We are hitting a local night club for dancing and drinks all around. Ah, a new place to hang and there no one knows you.

However, it'll all be over in the blink of an eye, we'll be back to work before we know it.


Monday, February 05, 2007

Another Weekend

Just another weekend.

Friday night started off with some brewski's and a decided trip to St. Francis University to watch the number 15 ranked mens volleyball team play number 11 ranked Ohio State.

All I could say was WOW those men got mad skills. The height and intensity of mens volleyball is so much greater then women's. It was a great time even though St. Francis lost in 4 matches they gave it their all.

The weather took a turn for the worst and my friend G had a long drive ahead of her. I was glad she was behind the wheel and I was just a supporter. Instead of a 45 minute drive back to town it turned into a 1.5 hours but it's a none issues since we made it back safely.

Saturday, I'm not even going to talk about - disappointment all around. Although, I made some great new friends and heard a good band.

As for Sunday LM's daddy dropped him off which meant I got to spend the day with butterfly kisses and bear hugs which was what mommy needed. We headed out to G's house so LM could get his groove on with her 3 lovely children.

As the kids wore each other out I got some much needed girlie adult time with G and her hubby. LM was whipped. I hit express way looked back to notice he was konked out snoring. It's so much more adorable when a 3.5 year old snores then a grown up.

Ah alas, back to the Monday blues...

Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm going to Hunt

As I'm lying in bed last night trying to get my wild 3.5 LM settled down he looks right at me and says:

"Mommy, when I get bigger I'm going to hunt."

"O really, you going to hunt with Pappy?"

"No, Grandma."

Whoever thought that their mom would be their son's hunting buddy. Good for my mom for being the great hunter that she is.



Who does not just LOVE LOVE LOVE surprises?

Today, this morning actually, I'm sitting at my little work station starting my Happy Friday - I love Fridays - when suddenly I hear a subtle knock on my cube door and in pops my good buddy "D" with in hand a Starbucks Coffee, yes for me. Yippee I love Starbucks on Fridays.

Yea, my Friday has just gotten better!! There is nothing like a small gesture of kindness from a friend - especially when Starbucks is involved.

So "D" thanks for making my Friday better.