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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You think you can do better?

This goes out to all of the folks who are not blessed with child due to their own choice. If you think you could do my job better, then have at it. It is not easy being a parent nor have I ever thought my parenting skills are A+ ratings. However, what I do not approve of is when one of you attempts to tell me how to do my job.

What I am getting at is, on our flight home (#2 flight of 3) my child was a little over stimulated. Hey it happens ask any parent. Before take off, LM laid in my lap and attempted to sing the ABC song and ask his mommy numerous questions as kids do. I stroked his gentle blonde head and talked back, in attempts to get him to nap. During the middle of my conversation a testy passenger reached over tapped my shoulder and rudely remarked, “Miss, I have a horrible headache and YOUR CHILD is not helping. You need to get him under control.”

He made it sound like the words "YOUR CHILD" was something dirty.

As I sat there dazed and confused I tried to get my child to quit talking and refrain from making any noise at all. However, the delightful little thing thought I was playing and began to get more vocal. Just lovely, I thought. The gentleman and lady beside me looked over telling me not to worry about it that LM was just fine. I smiled a half smile and thought well at least it is not the whole plane.

I continued to do things to occupy him, which nothing worked. At this time, the lovely jackass of a man in row 5 seat F called back the stewardess and tattled on my boy. Now, who is the mature one here? She was more then professional telling him, “Sir, he’s a little boy, what would like his mother to do?” She proceeded to give my child snacks and make him laugh and try to comfort me.

I kept thinking we’re getting kicked off this plane as this all happened before we even took off. As we all know that airlines have done this. Now, do not get me wrong, I certainly understand the ups and downs of travel, trust me I have had my share of flying whoa’s, but I have never in my life told a mother to control her child. There are times when a child does have a mind of their own believe it or not.

I sat on a four hour flight from Cancun where a new born sat behind me and screamed for three of the four hours and this was BEFORE I had a child of my own. Any respectable person would have waited or blocked it out. However, this jackass could not give me until the plane was in the air to put my child’s movie in. Once the movie was in you did not hear a word out of LM.

So my message here is screw all of you who do not have children nor have ever travelled with them. I give my son a lot of credit for being as good as he was for the long travel day we had. I also applaud all the passengers on that flight who told that guy he was an asshole as we landed in Pittsburgh and walked by him.

It is hard enough being a parent without the scrutiny of everyone else.


Monday, October 29, 2007

Birthday Celebration and what not

For my birthday, Diane took me shopping and to lunch without the children. We started off at Castle Rock Outlets and wondered around the Levi, Gap, Banana Republic, Big Dogs and Sports store.

I bought “T” the most amazing gift for Christmas. However, he will get it early. I got myself a pair of jeans and a new top.

We were then off to my favorite restaurant – PF Changs. If you have never had the pleasure of eating at this Chinese Bistro my recommendation is that you do, if you are a Chinese food fan.

After all that adult time, it was time to come home to the boys and see if they were good. Aunt Diane bought Harley a nerf football, however, LM worked his charm and he now is the owner – Christmas in October, who knew. We took him out back and played for about a half hour, had dinner then ice cream cake.

A yummy Oreo ice cream cake was for me. I can not tell you the last time I had a cake bought for me. A nice unexpected surprise.

We then sadly watched as the Rockies lost their fourth game in the World Series. A good effort was put forth, however, they could not out hit the Sox. I did root for the underdog, as there are just times the underdog needs more support.

Tomorrow, LM and I head home. Pray for safe travels and no hick-ups.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm 30 Plus 3

Today I am 30+3, so I get to do whatever I want, right?

Actually, I am in Colorado visiting my sister and her family with LM hanging since Thursday we are here until the 30th. We have been enjoying the relaxing days and LM is loving his cousin H.

More later, just wanted to spout off that today is MY DAY because I love birthdays, especially mine. ;)


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Biggest Game of the Season – Tell All

Here it is, the blog you have all been waiting for, okay maybe not, but that was a great opening you have to admit.

Sunday, October 14th, 2007 – the most important game in NFL History was about to take place and me, little me, was going to be there watching. Not only watching but watching from Section 8 – Row 24 – Seat - whatever it was in the middle I did not catch the number – but I was on the 25-30 yard line. Man these seats ROCKED the house.

The Dallas Cowboys played the New England Patriots both going into game 5 undefeated. My understanding of all of this is, it has been years since two teams have battled it out this far into the season. We arrived at Texas Stadium about 11:00 parked and walked the long walk on over to the Corral where all the cool people tailgate. It was five bucks to get in and there we found a ton of food, booze and an amazing 80's band. Let the fun begin.

What I was not ready for was the thousands of Patriot fans from all over coming into the Cowboy's house to cheer for their team and be nice!! Who expects the opposing team fans to be nice and friendly? Surely, not me. Laughs were shared and teasing amongst each other went on two hours before game time and yes, there was alcohol involved, yet no problems, it was actually peaceful among the Corralled folks.

As I entered the stadium, chills flowed on down through this body just knowing I was there, a part of NFL history, I am a lucky gal! We scooted our way up to the front row on the Cowboys side and watched them practice for about, O I’d say, 60 minutes before game time. We got to see them run practice plays and stretch those muscles, laugh a little and stratergize with each other before hitting the locker rooms to get dressed.

They came out of the tunnel like gang busters the cheerleaders leading in dance getting the crowd all jacked up for the big event. Blasts of fire shot out of the boxes along with smoke as the team made their way across the field. The crowd went nuts. The Pats came out and you heard shouts of boos from all over. With the exception of the Pat fans who surrounded us, but our shouts of boos were much louder then their cheers.

The Cowboys played a great game, well up until the fourth quarter, in my opinion. They played with pride and ability. The Pat fans were worried and some even sweating it out. The Tom Brady sack which ended in a touchdown for Dallas was amazing. Tony Romo played a great game. I look for him to lead the Cowboys to greatness. I have my eye on that young quarterback as I am sure a lot of ladies do.

The game ended sadly with Dallas loosing, however the fans were proud of their boys for playing tough and will continue to love them through good and bad days. I know I will and there is no doubt in my mind that “T” will love them until the day he dies. He is a Cowboy FREAK!

After the game, “T” took my hand and literally dragged me over to where the players come out. There was a ton of pushing and shoving and my word get back jack this is my spot and I was here first comments going on. As for me, I was happy to be a part of seeing the guys come out, however, I could have done without all the other nonsense that came with it.

Some of the players stopped and signed autographs, while others just wanted to get to their cars and get the hell home. Really, could you blame them? They just played hours of hardcore football people, I would not want to sign anything if it were me.

However, I got some great photos and got to see some of the players up close and sort of personal. These guys are big dudes!! Their families came out that way and we got to see their wives, kids, moms, dads and the whole gang which was cool. I laughed to myself, thinking maybe that will be me someday when LM hits it big with his baseball career. Impossible I know, but a mother can dream.

After all that jazz, we headed back to the Corral grabbed a bite to eat, had a few beers, danced a little and headed back to the hotel. The 4AM wake up call was going to come sooner then later.

As for the trip home, that is an adventure in all itself!! The airlines, gotta love ‘em.

Not to mention, I’m doing the flying thing again tomorrow. Please pray for clear skies so my flight outta town will take off on time.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Cowboy Country

We arrived tattered and torn in Dallas from a long week of San Fran running around and now on down to Texas. We agreed it would be an early night and an easy one for dining as Saturday was going to be action packed from the break of dawn to the setting of dusk.

We started off with a tour of Texas Stadium, who would have thought a grown man would get so excited about a Stadium. However, this just is not any old Stadium it isthe home of the Dallas Cowboys, America’s Team. The day started off early as we had to get there so we could see the locker room before they closed them for the big game Sunday.

After three failed field goal attempts and me not being able to lead the wide receiver we headed up through the Cowboys tunnel to the locker room. But not after an awesome catch by yours truly. You know it is a great catch when the cleaning crew is cheering from the bleachers. Why I am not a wide receiver, I will never know.

Back to the locker room talk, there we found where Tony Romo not only dresses, but showers and drinks from the water fountain before and after game time. I, however, was thrilled about where Marion Barber was stationed for game time dress and of course undresses. MEOW ladies…

I got to see some very cool views from all over the luxury boxes and various stops along the way. I must say it was a very cool experience and probably a once in a life time chance. “T” was in his glory, I mean really, he’s so in love with the Dallas Cowboys it is not even funny.

After our little jaunt of Texas Stadium we heading on over to Six Flags. However, not before we took out small business loans to buy our Cowboy gear – which with we can now start our very on pro shop here in jingletown. Six Flags was so much fun.

There was a ton of people and we almost got arrested for buying a ticket from another individual. Who would have thought you can not buy amusement tickets from someone who had an extra because his friend could not come to his dad’s work picnic. The guy was trying to save us a few bucks.

We headed home after a long hot day of rides, standing in line and of course eating everything that is NOT good for you so we could do it again for supper. Once we got all cleaned up we headed into the West End area of Dallas. There we or I found my first birthday present, a horse and carriage ride of the city. It was very thoughtful, sweet and romantic.

We had dinner afterwards, on the rooftop of a sports bar, where I got carded. AGAIN, getting told my DL had expired. I calmly said, it’s not the 29th of October, it is the 13th. As I thought, why can nobody read the full date before questioning me?

After that we walked around the city had a few brew ha ha’s and headed back to the hotel to get ready for GAME DAY.

Which I will blog about later…I know I know, but I have to keep you coming back and it is just really too much for one posting.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

West Coast Gallivant

As you all know due to hype I boasted about this trip I am about to unload the key highlights. Hopefully with interest of OOOOssss and AHHHHsss from the readers. If not, sorry.

Our Monday began at 4AM as we climbed into the hotel shuttle as we were destined for San Francisco first. Arrival went without any sna-fu’s so of course, life is good. Well, wait, security checked my DL and apparently cannot read the date. He cheerfully said, "um, no flight for you, DL is expired." I quickly or rather smugly said, "Excuse me, today is the 9th not the 29th. Unless I missed something where October wasn't ending on the 31st. " "O you are right, carry on." A smart ass smirk was given. However, I am glad to know they are looking closely.

Check in was smooth and the hotel room somewhat meh-blah. I shirked as I looked out the window to find my rooftop view of my itty bitty hotel room.

My room in San Diego was a trumph, this room on the scale of 1 – 5 a zero. However, the bed and pillows were a huge hit. Very comfy and I sunk deep in as I laid my head down each night. T said, “I am a hotel room snob.” My reply, “I want a good room with a great view if I am flying across country for a seminar.”

After the unpacking, we whisked away back to the Airport to catch the BART, the local subway system. This was actually very cool, however it smelled of bad something or other. A not so clean musty odor, but it was cheap, fast and OOO the ogling I did of people.

We hit Powell Street and headed right for the treat of the Trolley Ride. All I could think of was the Rice O Roni theme song for the first few moments. The ride was very thrilling as we were hanging on the sides with our heads peeping out like a dogs head out the car window expect without the slobber flying all over the place.

Jumped off at Fisherman’s Wharf for a little site seeing and here is were we met the infamous Bushman. This is a guy who sits on the sidewalk or rather crouches and scares the living crap out of passer-byers. How? He growls the most realistic GRR I have ever heard. We asked about him as we sat and had our lunch we learned he’s been around for about 30 years doing this. The waiter told us, “It never gets dull. He’s hysterical.” You know what he was right.

T and I watched from a far and the best moment was when he scared a young lady and her boyfriend's feathers got ruffled and he snapped at the Bushman. O come on, where is the sense of humor, here? He was
F U N N Y!! He however, did not scare the old and frail just the young and foolish. One guy said, “hold on, I’m going to get my girlfriend, I want you to scare her." I thought that was classic. I would do something like that.

We coasted down the Coastal Highway, The One. What beauty in seeing this. God’s work never ceases to amaze me. The real estate on this highway is amazing. I would live there in a heartbeat, but will never afford it.

We settled in at Pebble Beach Golf Resort, O MY WORD, this course is the prettiest course E V E R. T was so amazed he is caught on photo touching the greens saying, “O yea, I am really here.” “I can now die happy. I was at the Masters and now Pebble Beach.” I, of course said, “Not to mention with the best girl on this planet. H E L L O!”

O how soon they forget. ;)

Had a fabulous lunch at the Hog's Breath Inn, which was owned by Clint Eastwood until 2000. He however, still owns the real estate and just leases the properties. Carmel is a great little town, and it cost us $9.00 to get out of there. A story for another time.

Had dinner at Neptune’s Palace strolled along Pier 39, saw the sea lions. Those creatures are huge, loud and smelly!! Food was YUMMERS. The best meal of the week was at the Elephant Bar - SO SO GOOD.

The seminars were great. I learned a lot – Mr. Marty Mercer was there talking about how to improve health and fitness to maximize personal and professional performance. He was very captivating. I have attached him to my list of blogs to read so if you are interested take a gander on over there. He’s quite smart and entertainingly funny.

That was San Fran. Next up for another time/blog – DALLAS and the COWBOYS

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Thursday, October 18, 2007


Today, this afternoon actually, I finally used a gift card from "T" for a 2 hour grande massage at none other then Sewickley Spa.

It was W O N D E R F U L!

Having my first ever massage, I had to chuckle a bit as I put on the big white fluffy robe and most comfy slippers - thinking so this is how the other half lives. I never received a gift like this from anyone. I am not use to taking time out for myself as I generally worry about everyone else.

Damn, all I have to say is what in the world took me so long to use the gift card, such a silly girl I am. They had juices, pastries, fruit, trail mix all laid out for your disposal, it was great.

It started with a scalp, shoulder, neck, arms and legs massage. Then onto the deknotting of my neck and back and last but not least the steam bath for my back. WOW.

Today I learned people of all walks of life need to take a moment for themselves. Not that I will take my own advice but who knows. After a long week of travels I finally feel fully revitalized.

I also think I know where I am doing all my Christmas shopping.

HO HO HO Christmas is on it's way...

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Do Tell

I have tons of stories to tell from my recent San Fran - Dallas - back home trip, however, not enough time right now.

I will give you a brief summary - Security does really look at your license - however they can't read the date - blah view of my room to the bushman at the Wharf to riding the BART and cruising up The One to a romantic horse and carriage ride for an early birthday gift - touring Texas Stadium with a man in love with Tony Romo and seeing the game of a lifetime to sitting on the freaking tarmac for 2 hours missing a connection and separate flights home causing me to miss my volleyball game!!

Best news, I get to do this all over again next week when travelling to Colorado to see my sister and her family only this time with a very hyper 4 year old.

God willing there will be no hick ups and smooth sailing...

All photos are uploaded for your entertainment purposes...check them out over there --->.


Monday, October 08, 2007

Going Away Away Away

San Fran look out here I come!!

I also got cool news from my sister, Diane, her hubby will be in the big city the same time for business. I may have to pop in on him for a brew and dinner!!


Friday, October 05, 2007

Money over Love

When I met with her she was in tears, explaining that she didn’t love him anymore. What is a friend to do other then listen? I thought you were going away this weekend? We did, however I never felt so alone until now.

We had a great time watching the game and taking in all the sites. We probably drank a little too much, but who does not do that when they go away? We hit the ESPN Zone, some hamburger joint and walked through Pirates Cove it was great until…

I held my breath as I knew my heart was going to break into a million pieces as did hers over the weekend. She continued to tell me the events that took place as her voice quivered and lips shook eyes reddened and sad; she whispered he loves his money more then me.

I sat quietly not moving a muscle as my body went cold listening to every word she said.

We were in the nasty area of the neighborhood lost trying desperately to find our way back to our hotel. We were in a section of town where I saw two drug deals go down and I mean literally saw the exchange from one car window to the other. She joked, as she said, she was in the wrong business as these folks had nice cars.

She explained, she honestly thought her life was in danger for the first time ever. I begged him to get a cab over and over. I stood in the middle of the street crying to the point I couldn’t breathe, I was so scared and he continued to ignore me.

Finally, at one point I was relieved he hailed a cabbie down. I thought thank God, finally. As I approached the cabbie to get in, he stood at the drivers’ window and asked him for directions instead of a ride. Rage filled my entire body as I looked at him with fear in my eyes.

My heart shattered into a billion pieces at that time, as she explained, I knew I had no love left for him. It was clear at that moment money was more important to him then my life.

At that time I held her hand and cried with her.

The next day they got home and she put her baby to bed and left her husband.

That indeed was the moment she was stronger then she ever thought she could be.


Thursday, October 04, 2007


Ever have a week so bad you were wishing really hard to be someone else, maybe not someone else but that people didn’t know your name or job title? That is me this week. I just wanted to change my name, title and job – to like – Sue Bleh, Janitor, Night Crew.

By saying that, I am not making reference that a janitor’s job is easy, however belonging to the night crew you are left alone to just clean up after everyone. No different then being a mother, I would think, probably more labor intense but there would be no demanding or demeaning calls. Just clean up and go home. I am okay with that.

My job is much like that but I clean up bigger spills and take the demanding calls all day. I am in desperate need of some time off and my Tuesday flight can’t get here soon enough.

Stop the world, I want off.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Getting all Caught up

I have a ton of items to catch you all up on. First is my mom, she’s doing quite well. I have started a new schedule of working 2 days a week from 5A – 1P and let me tell you something – I LOVE ending my day at 1P.

It’s great all my 8 hours are in and I still have half the day to go for helping out or just being a bum, which right now is not an option. Today, Darcy and I are heading over to moms to work on some household chore items and just visit.

It’s still going to be a long road to recovery as we learned after she gets the halo off she’ll be put in a another neck brace as her neck muscles won’t be strong enough to hold up her neck. Along with that, much therapy will be needed. However, we are making some progress and getting there.

I on the other hand am completely done with therapy and have begun to play volleyball. YEA!! Our Monday night women’s league started and we are one game in with our 2nd tonight. I absolutely love this team, we picked up two new players due to some pregnancy running among other teammates and let me tell you- WOW did we pick up some nice players. It’s going to be a great season.

I’m heading out to San Fran next week and am looking forward to getting out of jingletown for a few days. On Friday the 12th I along with T will be flying into Dallas and will be sitting in Texas Stadium for the Cowboy/New England game.

A friend of mine at work told me not to worry about getting pictures of NE as they will be photographing me! – The cheaters that they are…

T is defiantly a huge true blue Cowboy fan. I have a feeling he’s in love with Tony Romo more then he’ll admit – although, after yesterdays 3 touchdown passes and 1 himself along with the blooper of the bad snap recovery who wouldn’t be in love with that guy?

As for today, I'm mourning the first loss of the season for the Steelers. Not sure what to say about that.

I also know for right now San Fran is finally on my trip radar and I can’t wait to get there and take the city over by storm.

24 days until Colorado gets hits with the storm from myself and my LM...