In my little world "I am Queen"

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Move

I am back at work today and let me tell you I am freaking exhausted!! Yesterday, the move commenced at a bright 630AM and ended at a dark 1 of the AM this morning. Slept awful no cable until 830A today, but hey I am a girl and we jump at odd noises in the night. So of course, gym in the AM and more grocery shopping a girl can never have to many groceries. ;) Especially one that loves to eat and cook.

But I am all moved in; unpacked and all appliances are HOOKED UP!! How is that for efficiency? Call it what you want a girl who gets the job done or some wacko job train wreck who doesn't know how to slow down or whatever you want. I think I ROCK. BTW - did I mention all of that plus a volleyball game was in that mix? Yea, I did play...played not so bad either. LOL

So since all the grocery shopping and room organizing was finished I figured I come on in to the big corporate world today and not waste a good vacation day. I will crash when I get home after my girl dinner at the local watering hole and a wicked game of volleyball at 845...UGH

But sweet victory when I get to that bed of mine tonight and have the ah, ever so blessed cable TV to lull me to sleep land...not to mention the cold water and fresh ice cubes from the auto water/ice maker fridge that is O SO BRAND NEW and cool looking in the color of BLACK.

Ah, life IS IS good. Most days.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bring on the TURKEY and PLATES of THANKS

Alas, Thanksgiving has arrived the beginning of the holidays to celebrate another year ending. I have a lot to be thankful for - my family, especially my little man who I adore deeply. I never pictured myself as a mother and now that I am one - 3.5 years in I couldn't imagine my life without him. So for him I am very thankful for.

My friends who have gotten me thru a rough year last year (around this time) while supporting my many decisions on life turns and twists only to find out that it's going to be another rough few months starting next week. Ah, I have finally made that decision to move forward; it's a rough one but I know in my heart it is the right one.

My life will be taking on a new adventure - needless to say, I am proud of myself and although hurting - life will get back to normal. To my friends, I love you all so much!!

My dear sisters who are all my rocks and keep me on solid footing even when making wild decisions about my life. It is a great feeling to know they all love me unconditionally and support me 100%.

To my many volleyball pals (T-DAWG) who cracks me up daily with her lovely little emails - and Gina - you too rock!! I look forward to my daily chatter with you.

Last but not least my gym rat friend "TK" - without you in the AM - I would still be in bed. So thank you for giving me that push every morning when that damn alarm goes off and I think - "TK" will be there and if I'm not she'll kick my a$$. Thanks for being that shoulder I cry on daily - soon the tears will stop and laughing commenced. Who would have thought being same day care mom's would have begun a great friendship.

O wait one more...I can not forget about the Jabber club - MC - you I am thankful for - for getting me thru the day with laughter especially about me being all smiles in the hallway - I was truly just being me and the TG jabber comment. Hysterical...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Tickets have Arrived

Today, I have received in my hot little hands the tickets for the Grand Cayman Island trip that I am taking in January for, get this, work.

I thought they did away with paper tickets and more horrifying is that I got them this early. I'm very organized and will have them locked away but holy cow my trip isn't for another 50 some days. Not that I'm counting down or anything.

This trip is just want the doctor has ordered for me. A little business and a little R&R.

With tickets in hand I guess the trip is official. Who would have thought I'd ever have the opportunity to hit a place like this for a meeting!! Somedays yes, I do love my job.

Only if my old boss could see me now...he was not a very nice man!! I may just have to send word his way of my glorious trip.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend jibber jabber

I've got nothing to blog about. A big fat N O T H I N G.

Work party on Friday. - Good time - a few beers and laughs home early...ya know work functions can't misbehave they will talk about you on Monday.

Saturday - chilled with my LM - after his sports clinic where I pissed off a few of the dads. I love doing that to sports crazed parents. You see my child, can hit the ball with a bat and not need the Tee. A dad didn't think this was possible since LM is only 3. I thought dare you challenge me and my child? The nerve. So I tell LM to get ready - he gets ready and I give him the pitch and BAM - he hits the ball clear across the gym and I being in my pissy mood look over and shrug my shoulders at the sports crazed dad and say - I guess my son has been practicing. As he's still trying to get his older son to hit the ball off the Tee. I just had to laugh.

Sunday - took my LM to see Open Season - he loved it. We then just hung out at home and I took him to my volleyball game and that was that.

Back to the grind today as it's a short week.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Red Dress

In approximately 4 weekends we will be having our Christmas Party which is a black tie affair with around 3,000 people (no kidding either). I have struggled with always finding the perfect dress with the perfect fit that makes me look well wonderful, terrific and full of confidence. Really, what woman doesn't spend hours doing this or worrying about it?

I'm a blue jean; t-shirt; pizza in the box, beer in the bottle; little make-up type of gal and now I have to get all prom queened up for a night of mingling amongst my superiors and comrades while showing up stag again this year.

The first year, it was a cute little periwinkle party dress then after that I decided to go gown like. Ya know, all those bridesmaids dresses going to waste - Ah, finally a second reason to wear the dress. Money well spent with 2 uses for those dang dresses.

This year is no different. Only I have decided to go bold - RED - which is a color of power - ha, I have no power - but confidence in myself and my life I have or so I tend to think I do - so RED it is. I have always worn; periwinkle; black; silver; brown and dark blue gowns/dresses.

So thank you to my girlfriend "Foxie" who so willingly encouraged me to borrow her gown in all hopes that it would fit - thank you to the gym for helping me lose those damn extra 5 pounds - O yes, down another 5 - YIPPEE. I am now at that goal weight and a few lower. Ah, the joys of eating no sweets or snacking after 6pm.

The dress, I tried on last night after a sweaty game of volleyball - I know - ewww so gross - but I did make sure I was sweat free before touching the inside of the gown. ;) As I zippered it up I felt like Julia Roberts when she had on her Red dress in Pretty Woman and Richard Gere hands her the billion dollar necklace - WOWZAA I said to myself - This tom boy type gal can clean up nice - when needed, if I do say so myself.

The dress - fits like a boxers glove and makes me feel good about myself - which right now - is much needed therapy. So "Foxie" the first drink of the night is for you.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Cancel means Cancel

Why is it when you are canceling something the sales person continues to go on for 10 minutes of new features that he knows you will want and don't now have?

I have no pending debit - NONE. I decided to cancel a credit card because I just don't use it. Plus, I have a new one that gives me many more benefits that I'll never need or use - but it's all good. It's a new no hassle card type thingy.

I call current credit card company and tell the nice man - I want to cancel - this means, don't try and talk me into staying because let me tell you something - once a girl has made up her mind - it's made up - especially when it's me being that independent head strong female your mother warned you about when you were like 5 years old.

After many minutes of me telling him, "I'm not interested, " as I'm getting more angry by the second he finally gets the picture and says , "okay, thank you for using blah blah blah in a sad voice as if I just ran over his pet cat. COME ON now, all I did was cancel a credit card.

Last time I checked - No means No and CANCEL means CANCEL.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Taking 5

There is a whirlwind of events going on in my life - well more in my head than in my life - but you all know the cause and effect stipulation when thoughts and actions cross. KABOOM!!

I am taking a short little break from blogging...I know that if I'm an emotional wreck which I seem to be these days I'll be putting it all down on computer screen for the whole world to see and enter and I'm just not ready for any of that drama.

You'll all be fine as I know I will be - it helps being one tough cookie who keeps on going like the little engine that could. I think I can; I think I can; I think I can. Screw that - I KNOW I CAN!!

Yes o yes all will be right with the world again; especially when double stuff oreos, cold milk and great company with friends is in order.

Tonight - scrap booking with Gina - look out world I will have scissors...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Fashion Tip

Just so we're all clear - Mullets are not stylish and really never were. They look silly and do not make you look cool in anyway shape or form.

So to the gentleman that was at the bar last night - you did not look as hot as you think you did. Yes, my friends and I were making fun of you as we walked to our cars.

I know it's immature but hey it's a small town and there isn't really much to do other than that.

Shame shame shame on your hair stylist for letting you get away with that look!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Candy Candy Candy

How much candy does one child need? Let me spare you the agony of trying to answer this question by saying NONE!!

We heading out on the adventure of trick or treating last night with LM dressed up as a Steeler Football player (although after Sunday's blunder I was against the thought of supporting them.) to hit only a few houses on our street (cause you know I only like X amount of our neighbors).

My cheerful little boy became indulged with more candy than one could ever imagine. He was really into going up ringing the doorbells and screaming, "Trick or Treat!" Simply adorable, right, any mother would be proud, especially when he shouts, "THANK YOU, " as he takes off sprinting for the next candy treat.

However, this ends when we get home and he begins to rip and tear into his goodie bag. All he wanted was the M&M's. Daddy willingly opens the tiny bag and proceeds to pour the chocolate covered yummies into a dish. This is where things go to hell in a hand basket and I'm talking downward spinning spiral out of control emotion begins to pour out of what seemed to be once a happy little boy.

He didn't want them in a bowl, but in the packet so he could eat them one by one right from the bag!! Well, holy flippen cow - the next thing I hear - TING TING TING TING - the sound of a million candies all over my kitchen floor and more storming around by a now wild crazed 3 year old not getting his way.

Now here is were M-O-M enters (of course) and begins to pick up the candies telling her beloved little man - no more candy; no more trick or treating - straight to bed for you.

Ah, I finally remember exactly why I dislike Halloween. It really does turn your little precious angel into the devil!!

Today, all the candy came to work with me and my co-workers are feasting!!