In my little world "I am Queen"

Thursday, March 27, 2008

From Spiderman to the Green Goblin

LM - Mommy, how did the Easter Bunny know I wanted this?

Me - I placed a call to him on his bunny phone.

LM - O, that is so cool. I'm glad I was good this year. How'd you get his number?

Me - Mommies have all the right numbers.

LM - Even Santa.

Me - Even Santa - you know Santa is the Boss and the Easter Bunny works for him.

LM - So is that how the Easter Bunny knows where I live.

Me - Of course.

LM - Mommy, you know in the movie that Harry is really the Green Goblin and he doesn't like Peter Parker who is Spiderman cause he killed his dad.

Me - I think you've been watching to much Spiderman.

LM - No, no I haven't. We didn't watch it last night.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One Good Looking Dude

Happy Easter!


Monday, March 24, 2008

In 4 weeks

In four weeks I will be in the sun, sand and total warm weather bliss - A much deserved and needed getaway!!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Little Charity Goes a Long Way

We are having what is called "The Cinderella Project" here at the workplace. This is where you can donate any and all types of prom/bridesmaid or special occassion gowns/shoes/accessories that you have worn and want them OUT of your closet.

I have donated 4 gowns and it feels great to know that some young girl will be able to go down to the Y and have any dress she wants. I have talked to the committee members and the Y is packed full of new and slightly used gowns.

Doing this project is a great feeling. Just knowing that I helped make some girl's prom night special is a great feeling!!

Great job to all committee members and the Y for bringing this project together.



The email was sent…

I am out of town, actually country, can you keep him on the evening of the 19th say around 7 or 8ish then the rest of the week? I am only asking because I have to leave for the airport at 3AM and I do not want to disturb his sleep by dropping him off at your house that early.

The reply…

No, I have plans that night.

My first gut reaction was to punch the computer screen after the email of, “so, are you saying you do not want your child or are you doing this because you think you are punishing me?,” was typed to be sent but deleted - I hate to tell you this but - you are not punishing me, you are punishing him.

I never give up any time with him – it is not fair to him – and why short change myself? I love him with every fiber of my being and want to inhale all the time I can with him. I will always rearrange my schedule no matter what the cost or circumstance. I just wish the other side felt the same way. But you – you seem to give him up for the party – I say the party can wait, he is more important.

Plan B
Aunt D and Gma – who fight over when they can see him or even have him for a sleepover, which is hardly ever. It is actually nice to know people fight over having your boy.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Life is funny - isn't it funny how you can totally rip someone to shreds and notice all of what you think their flaws are...however, when it comes to your own flaws you all of a sudden do not have any.

I did not realize everyone in the world was perfect but...me.

Thank you for pointing out my flaws unjustly, I do truly appreciate it.


The Best Words Ever...

LM - Mommy you're my best friend.

Mom - O yeah, why is that? I thought Anthony was.

LM - Nope you are, because I love you this much (stretches his arms out as far as he could.)

Mom - Smiles and hugs her baby boy as tightly as she can.


Saturday, March 08, 2008

All I Have to say...

I passed. I passed. I passed.

I have done nothing for the past two weeks but study, work and pray. I never lifted my head out of that dreadful Property & Casualty License book and it paid off on Friday.

I took a two hour drive to the big ole city of Pittsburgh sat in the parking for 30 minutes and prayed, prayed so hard that God was probably feeling smothered by me. I just wouldn't let it go. "Help me to find the knowledge to answer these questions correctly and pass."

Imagine someone saying that to you for a solid 30 minutes. All I know is that my constant face in the book approach and begging the good Lord for his help on this worked.

My friends all laughed and said - Funny how you're all of a sudden religious. My response was, "I am religious. I'm just not an in your face religious FREAK. Everyone has their own beliefs and I don't like to get in the middle."

I now have my insurance license and that is exactly what I needed and wanted. Now, hopefully many doors and windows will open.