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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Finally Nothing to Do

I just realized that after tonight's volleyball game - I will have nothing to do starting next week in the evenings. N O T H I N G

I will be bored - maybe...

However, I did join a softball league - co-ed mind you. Should be an interesting summer. I have decided to take off the summer season of volleyball.

I'm sure I'll have many stories for you as I battle the field instead of the court.

Let the games begin.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Now I know my ABC's

Yesterday after picking LM up at school I hear a faint song creeping up from the backseat....

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P *sigh* Q R S T U V W X Y and Z - now I know my ABC's next time won't you sing with me?

Mom sequels with delight praising her LM for knowing his ABC's...
Smiles the rest of the drive home - my baby boy knows his alphabet. YEA...


Monday, April 23, 2007

Kids and the funny things they say

This weekend was nothing but laughter throughout with my LM and I as we conversed back and forth. I thought I would share some of the comments from the weekend.

When I picked him up from school and got him home, I explained that mommy had surgery and had 3 boo boos on her belly. He looked at me deep in thought and asked to see the boo boos. He asked what happened. At that time, I explained the doctor put a needle in mommy's belly to fix her and covered them with band aides.

I thought he was okay with this explanation. Grandma came over to visit - he told her that, "mommy has boo boos and the doctor stuck her in the belly button covering it up with a band aide so her insides wouldn't ooze out."

Quite ingenious since I never said anything to him about my insides oozing out. He is however, quite fascinated with the boo boos as he's telling everyone, "mommy has 3 boo boos, you should see them."

I however, decline to show anyone when LM sends out the request.


Saturday was your typical day. I decided enough lying around it's time to get cracking on the cleaning. LM loves to be mommy's little helper. He followed me around all morning with a little broom sweeper asking, "what else can I sweep up?"

I thought, enjoy this moment now because when he's 10 this won't be happening.

I was cleaning the bathroom before bed, putting one of those lovely blue tablets in the potty, ya know, to make the water pretty and make the porcelain sparkle. However, silly me, did this without my child's knowledge.

Sunday morning LM wakes and rushes off to do his thing - I hear the lid lift and a scream of "Holy Cow, mom - the water is blue." I tell him it's fine and to just do his thing...he does, then afterwards shouts of, "Mom, come here now, the water is green!"


Sunday I had a girls pasta luncheon with 3 of my dearest friends and their children. About an hour into their visit my precious darling decided to tell them all "TO LEAVE, as they were in the way of his playing at the park time."

We all just kinda giggled at him and he said, "Mommy, why won't they leave? I really want to go to the park."

My friends daughter got the flu at the last minute and couldn't come. LM was sad as the other two children there were under the age of 2. He was quite bored and had serious sad face. He kept saying, "mommy why didn't my friend come over?"

After about another hour of visiting, I did take him to the park where we played baseball and ran wild for the remainder of the night.

Kids are hysterical if you let them just ramble on about whatever. I find myself writing down the things LM says and does throughout our days. There is never a dull moment and he is truly my best friend.

LM - even though you are to tiny to read, someday when you are able you'll laugh at all the things you did and said at the rightful age of 3.5!

I am blessed to have you - my darling little man. I love you with all my heart!!


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Inner Harbor

I am not allowed to discuss who went with me as they made me promise not to mention their names; initials or anything they did this weekend. Man O man would I like to make up a few stories about them, just because.

However, I will say this - a good time was had by all in the big city of Baltimore. The view from Federal Hill is absolutely incredible. There is always much to do and see at the Harbor, I think that is why I love going there so much.

We took in dinner at the ESPN Zone while watching the Pens play. After dinner we heading upstairs for some adult game time were I got my ass kicked in every video game known to mankind. Chuck E Cheese is more my style and now I know why.

After much tomfoolery we headed back to the room for a nippie nap - before heading to the ball game. During the bottom of the 6th we saw a Grand Slam which was the game turn around play for the O's. I was thrilled our seats were under deck due to the inclimate weather which caused the baseball game to feel more like a football game.

Afterwards we hit an Irish Pub and a few night clubs - lots to see at the night clubs. It's amazing what you see when you leave your town and step outside of your comfort zone.

Wild girls; boys; with all kinds of outfits along with passed out drunks in the restrooms and laying on the bar - but I figured to each his own, right!? Besides, who am I to judge?

Headed back home in the pouring down rain on Sunday - hey at least it wasn't snow like they were calling for. Hopefully our next trip down will be a sunny warm instead of a rainy chilled weekend.

So T&S was that met to your satisfaction? You weren't mentioned at all. wink wink


Friday, April 13, 2007

The Ending of another Week

You know the week was a good one when your child has not cried, kicked or screamed once during daycare drop off. Ah, let the good time roll.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The End to a Great Golf Weekend

I have no idea where to begin regarding my experience of physically being at The Masters. I am still left in complete awe of the event.

It has been said that the crowd reached the 50,000 number mark. Having said that, that's a whole lotta people gathered in a 4 mile radius area. The morning started out being brisk with a rushing crowd hitting the Pro Shop where dozens of dollars were spent without even blinking an eye.

I joined in on the buying power of the people getting myself a Golf Polo that cost more then my Nike running shoes worn that day plus a visor that was decently priced. The folks in the store kept commenting on how they were sold out of this and that article of merchandise. At the end of the day, the store was nothing but skeleton remains of empty shelving so if you didn't get your purchase earlier in the day you got...a big...nothing to show off back home.

The gates opened to the crowd at 9AM due to frost. Let me tell you when that gate opened it was like opening the flood gate to the Hoover Dam - WHOOSH - people everywhere breaking the no running rule - taking off like there was no tomorrow to stake their claim on the course.

I however, stood back watching the humanity of it all as stones and dust got kicked up from the rushing herd of people. As the crowd died down we entered thur the course gates taking our time walking the greens.

Around 1230 we headed to the practice range to watch Tiger Woods warm up his swing. We got to stand right behind him as we waited our turn for seats until folks left the stands. The power behind his swing is amazing. He crushes that ball with a force that is unexplainable. All the while telling his caddy and swing coach, "This is going to be a long day."

We then decided to watch him tee off on hole number one, he pulls out his driver and KABOOM it was an explosion like no other - the shot was hit on mark and down the middle of the fairway.

At hole number 5 we stood about 250 yards from the tee, the shot was hit to the right of the fairway into the rough. Yep, right where we were standing. The crowd zipped over to the ball, security rushes over telling everyone to back away. Williams (Tiger's caddy) comes along telling the crowd, "take another two steps back, please."

As Tiger approaches the mark while sighing he clears off the rough from around his dimpled golf ball, looks at Williams and says, "what do you think?" Williams proceeds to tell him, "wedge it hard, you got it, there's no wind today, mate." Hysterical, he called him mate and I heard it...

I stood literally 3 feet from Tiger when he took this shot. All you saw was a perfect back swing and then heard the intensity of the iron hitting the golf ball - while the debris flew. You never saw Tiger's downswing.

We followed Tiger the remainder of the day hoping that he would be able to pull out of his slump. On the other hand we are thrilled for Zach Johnson and his win. This is truly a golf course like no other.

Being able to see all of the world's greatest golfers up close and personal was beyond incredible. It was definitely a trip worth taking and I am thankful for the chance provided to me.

If I learned anything on this trip it is Golf needs to be a more respected sport, it's not easy by any means. I learned these players all have nerves of steal. Lastly, no amount of money can buy you class.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Research, is it a good thing?

Today, I decided to research "The Masters." I figured, I should do a quick overview of how it all started and whatnot so I can sound somewhat intelligent when talking with all the poshy folks who will be surrounding me.

I locate on the sidebar a link which read, "The purchase these tickets." Of course, me being the inquisitive thing I am (okay you're right, I'm just nosey) decided to see just how much these little tickets go for.

Are you all sitting? If not... you should be...$895 for Sunday's venue. I feel pretty damn special right now knowing that I'm going to part of it all and for FREE.

I don't recall ever paying that much for anything in my life, well okay, with the exception of my vehicle.



Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Opportunity of The Masters

Little ole me scored tickets to The Masters Golf Tourney in Augusta, GA for the weekend. How you say? - I have connections - I, me, me, me got the invite. How so very cool!!

I am thrilled to say that I am going to be part of this amazing event. Iddy bitty me hanging with all the posh uppity up folks of the golf world - I can't wait. This little country gal from the town of nowhere is thrilled to tell the world, "I will be standing near the greens watching the best golfers in the world wearing my plaid skort; golf shirt and visor with the rest of the onlookers."

I have even been practicing my golf clap for when Tiger Woods drives that little dimpled ball hundreds of yards in hopes of getting that glorious hole in one.

However, there are no cameras or cell phones allowed. Unfortunately photos I won't be able to share but I have no doubt a few good stories will be shared when I get back. I am sure this will be one of the best places in the world to people watch.

Happy Easter to all!!