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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Local Mitsubishi Dealership Sucks

I have decided that I hate the local Mitsubishi dealership and the Attorney General’s Office along with Mitsubishi Corporate. Apparently, they can’t make a dealership even though it’s a Mitsubishi dealership look at my car because they are independently freaking owned.

Even if Mitsubishi tells them to look at it and you feel they haven't looked at it properly, they are still in their own rights. All the dealership did was take it around the parking lot trying to pull the key out in various areas, to them that's correct. You idiots, you need to look at the cable mechanism as I told you it doesn't happen every single time - but I feel as the consumer once is more then enough. who wouldn't?

Now, what does that say for me? I have a brand new vehicle, bought from Blue Knob Auto Sales who under prices all local dealerships and we all know how the big fish HATE that, and no warranty. To bad that I have 40,000 miles and 4 years left to go on my null and void warranty.

However, I can drive to another Mitsubishi Dealership that is only 50 miles and one hour away (100 miles and 2 hours round trip) to see if they will look over the cable mechanism of my 2006 Endeavor. My response to that is SCREW YOU. Why should I have to take off work and pay the price in gas when there is no reason the local dealership can’t honor my warranty.

To think I bought this car because it was given great reviews and I wanted to feel safe in the winter time as I cart my butt and LM around to various areas of this snow filled region.

I may just may be getting rid of this SOB. It’s paid off so what should I care other then not wanting another car payment to deal with.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


This is to all the guys out there – or actually just the guys who were standing outside of the local Starbucks this morning. As you stood in front of the door talking in your foreign language with your fancy accents and smoking your cigarettes it would not have killed any of you to move slightly to the left as I approached the door.

Especially after saying “excuse me.” Last time I checked manners were the same all over the world.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Late Night Caller

I have been having trouble sleeping the last few weeks. Mostly due to the pain in my shoulder and any sudden movement on that side is like a knife being thrust into the deltoid muscle making me jump at the slightest wrong touch.

However, last night I was extremely tired from running a muck all weekend with one quite adorable four year old. At 9:30 we headed off to bed got all snuggled in - said our good-nights and within ten minutes I know we both were out.

I was looking forward to a good nights rest without interruption. What was I thinking? Around 2AM or so my phone rings. I laid there for a second or two trying to figure out if it was a dream or real. Unfortunately it was real. A million things ran through my head, of course, thinking the worst until:

“Who’s this?”
“You called me, who’s this?”
“I don’t know any Kevin’s. You have the wrong number.”
“It’s okay.”

I crawl back into bed checking on LM to make sure his slumber wasn’t disturbed get all comfy cozy again while starting to drift off I am disturbed by the ringing of the phone a second time.

Again, I crawl out of bed – get the phone and after I say my now pissed off hello greeting I hear – O I’m sorry. Click…

All I wanted to say was listen you fool – you got the number wrong the first time what makes you think dialing it a second time is going to make it the right number at freaking 2AM. To bad he hung up so quickly.

People need sleep; people have jobs; people have kids…I need my sleep uninterrupted!!

Next time you are thinking of dialing a number at the glorious time of 2AM or so make sure you have the right number. If by chance the number is wrong don’t dial it a second time.


Monday, July 23, 2007

A Helping Hand

This weekend was the 75th Annual Fireman’s Jubilee which took place right across the street from my cozy home. I worried all week about how I could keep my LM sidetracked from wanting to be over there all week.

On Monday, I diverted him with an Altoona Curve Baseball Game. Then it was decided Tuesday thru Thursday he would spend his time at his dad’s. Phew, that was a lot of pressure off of me. Friday no sooner got here and it was my time with LM. So I picked him up from school headed home, no sooner changed and he realized the park was open for business.

Rats, the secret was out. I really had planned taking him over anyway...but UGH...

We grabbed our money and headed over for a night filled with nothing but Mommy and Me. He rode on all the crazy rides – especially the giant slide and big castle bouncy. Back and forth between the two for hours, while in the castle bouncy he befriended a little boy name Elijah.

After their turn he prompted Elijah over to the big slide along with a little coaxing of his parents the two darted off across the pathway. Elijah was about a foot smaller then LM despite only being a year younger he had soft curly blond hair and the most darling blue eyes. He was so sweet and energetic.

On this giant slide ride they are given burlap sacks to carry up about 50 steps to sit on while sliding down three huge rolling bumps. LM decides he’s going to let Elijah take the lead so he does not chicken out and upon doing so he sees him struggle with the sack. At that moment, LM reaches down and picks up the portion of the sack of his new found friend that is dragging on the ground.

LM and Elijah spent the last 20 minutes of the Jubilee laughing and having the time of their lives riding the slide over and over again.

I gave him a huge hug and a kiss when they were done and told him I was proud of how helpful he was.

At that moment, I knew I was doing a good job raising my child as for my heart was smiling. Hopefully the kindess of his heart that night will always be in the right place.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

First time EVER

Today for the first time I will have my first parent/teacher conference with LM's preschool. How exciting; yet nerve wracking as I sit here thinking how well or not so well LM is doing.

Details to follow...


Monday, July 16, 2007

All is good - even for a Monday

Today was/is the first day E.V.E.R that my LM ran and I mean ran into school. No tears, no hanging on for dear life, none of that - the reason:

So now I have decided to take up face painting and maybe just maybe this will happen every Monday, er ah, maybe not...

He didn't even cry when leaving the park - the rain storm may have helped along with threats of his face running if it got wet may have helped too.

As for this mornings dropoff -

The secret telling him if he cried his face paints would run and he wouldn't be a leopard anymore just a messy looking child who didn't bath last night.

I found the $9.00 spent yesterday was well worth it.


Friday, July 13, 2007

Tired of being well...Tried

*YAWN* just wanted to share my tiredness with you all in the blog sphere.

I can't wait to sleep in and I'm thankful that my LM likes to finally sleep in - however, we will be busy this weekend.

Tonight - date night - dinner and a movie for 3

Tomorrow - Hodgepodge

Sunday - the local water/amusement park because an hour is just simply not enough time in LM's four year old mind. - there is a story behind that but I don't feel like getting into it.

I'll simplify however - Tuesday night - screaming 4 year old; lifeguards explaining the water portion of the park closed after mother as tried for 20 minutes - 4 year old not caring and wants one more ride down the tubes. Mother - exhausted trying to reason with sad 4 year old.

On lookers feeling sorry for my LM - mother, not amused by this AT ALL.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Here I am for those of you crazy blogger enthusiast wondering – where in the hell did she go or maybe not. I’ll take the latter it makes me feel special and wanted.

I’ve been busy…or um…lazy…it’s summer, not much in the mood for blogging I guess. I however am in the mood for VACATION – O come on – who isn’t?

Last week, I hit the likes of one crazy park – CEDAR POINT, for those of you who love roller coasters - this is the place to be!! The lines weren’t crazy long either, but it was HOT HOT HOT – and the people watching – made the park all the more fun.

I came home to rushing around for LM’s “4”th birthday party. I can not believe my baby is 4 only to find out he’s going on like 18 – such as life though. Here he is with is cake – He does have a Spiderman fetish and I have no idea where he got it from – but he looks quite adorable in his new Spidey outfit equipped with web slingers from the other kid in my life T.

I plan to write about my baby’s day but for right now this is what I’m giving you. Being his mother is absolutely the best gift I could have ever gotten. Sure we have our head butting moments – like this morning before school – but the bottom line is he’s my one and only and I love him more then anything in this world. Happy Birthday to my little Spiderman.

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