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Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm a Hitter!

My little slugger!


Friday, April 24, 2009

We need to stay humble

T is now entering his first year of tee ball. The deal is the coaches will pitch X amount of balls to the kids, if they don't hit any of the pitches they bring out the tee for them. They switch fielding and hitting once all kids had a chance to bat and run the bases.

It's great no cut throating as of yet. I have coached so I have promised myself not to get mixed up in the politics of sports. If he plays great; if he doesn't but is having fun then who cares right? I know wait til High School...ARGH!!

Unfortunately, I had to leave before last bat so I asked the Father this morning how he did and the response was this...

His 3rd hit went past the 3rd baseman out to the fence. He hit one that would’ve been his best hit of the season, but it was foul. When T hit the one foul, I heard the manager of the other team say to one of their other coaches that this kid should be in the older league.

He did really well at first base. When he threw the ball back to their coach that was pitching, he would throw it pretty hard. The other coach kept complimenting T on his arm. Towards the end of the inning the coach came over and asked me if T was 7. When I told him he was only 5, he couldn’t believe it.

I replied, "that's great and don't tell him let's try to keep him humble for as long as we can."


Friday, April 17, 2009

Your so Vein you probably think this post is about you...well it is!

If it is one thing that parenting as taught me it is never to underestimate the brilliant mind of your child when it comes to witty comments or comebacks.

I was on the couch the other night with my little man watching his favorite cartoons of course (thank you to the BOOM Channel and Direct TV) when I looked over at him and this conversation took place:

T: "Mom, why do you keep on staring at me?"

Me: "What I'm not allowed to look at my child?"

T: "O, I know why you stare at me."

Me: "O yea, why?"

T: "Because I'm cute!"

As he hides his face in the pillow grinning ear to ear.