In my little world "I am Queen"

Thursday, August 31, 2006

San Diego here I come!!

My trip has been approved and booked. I am leaving for a business trip which will be extended into a pleasure trip come brisk October that I can not wait for. I mean right now, I can't even stand myself I'm pinned up with so much excitement.

Here is the "shabby" little place that I have to stay in - I know the shear torture of it all. My hotel in San Diego

My poor co-workers are probably tired to of hearing about it and wish the trip was sooner then later. If they think I'm excited about San Diego wait until the Cayman Island Meeting gets closer. WHOA...yes, I said the Cayman Island for business...

I get to do and will do business along with visiting my favorite older sister for HOLY COW count 'em 10 days. The best part is I don't have to share her with any other family members!! YIPPEE!!!

Then I come home and one day later she comes to my town for a short visit with me and other family - ah, the sharing begins. Although, she is staying with yours truly; LM is going to be in his glory. Ah, someone new to play with and tease.

I haven't seen Di since my younger sister's (Darcy) wedding and have not been out to wonderful Colorado for years, at least 8.

I will however miss my boyz tremendously but I get 10 days all to myself. I will never be the same again or it will take me a few days to get back to the "norm" if there is any such a thing.

Did I mention that I despise flying? So I will probably be blogging about my fears and anxiety as the time gets closer.

Two things in life that create anxiety for me - deep water and flying.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

No, because you're stupid

Another rant about the neighbors. Just so you know, I do really like everyone with the exception of 3 neighbors. The two in the back and the neighbors down the street who think, well, they are more sophisticated then everyone else. Which by the way they are not!

Just because she sits on her back porch during the day drinking her red wine letting her kids run wild while I slave at work does not mean she is by any means any better then I, just lucky!!

We are of course in the front yard watching our child unlike this family where parents are no where to be found while their children run all over God's green creation when I see their youngest, who by the way is 4, sitting on the sidewalk 4 doors up from their home.

She is sitting near the street people use as a place to drag race to see if they can beat the light. Heaven forbid they get to their destination 3 minutes later due to a red light. Which is a blog for another day.

The little darling begins to shout, "Hey LM do you want to come over and play?" LM not amused by this in the least shouts back in his most demanding voice, "No, I don't want to play with you!"

I can see her wheels clicking as she thinks of what to say and comes up with a smart way of saying, "And why not?"

LM doesn't miss a beat, "Because you're stupid."

As a parent your feelings should be holy cow I'm mortified and embarrassed which were mine at first then after a split second all I wanted to do was laugh. I'm thinking my child knows this family and even though stupid is not a nice word I'm right with him on this one. I should not blame this little girl for her parents actions though.

Again, I blame preschool for this "stupid name calling" action. As it's only right to blame someone.

In the end, LM did apologize for calling her stupid and got sent to time out. Manners are so hard to teach but I will and am trying to do the best job that I can.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Neighbors - who needs/wants them?

The other night LM was racing around on his motorized quad in the backyard having the time of his life; while I do a little work. He knows and understands he's only allowed in the backyard where mom can spy on him and get something trivial done at the same time.

After about 5 minutes of letting him do his thing I look up to see four neighbor kids in the backyard racing around my child like mad men. The youngest of the 4 is pushing the quad from behind only to make it go faster then proceeds to jump in front of the quad holding it while LM is trying desperately to drive. Why? Why do these boys feel the need to come over and play in my yard and where in the hell are their parents? White trash is all I can say. I just wanted LM to run his rump over.

I would never let LM in the neighbors yard unsupervised as he is my child and my responsibility. Do not all parents think their children are their responsibility not the neighbors?

UGH...I'm furious to no end. In the meantime, I march over and ask - "what are you doing?" He looks at me like I'm from Mars. Now, one would think that after hearing the commotion next door a parent figure would pop a head out to see what is going abust or just make sure it wasn't their child.

Hell no, that didn't happen. She's to busy over at the other neighbors with the dad bs-ing about whatever.

I continue doing my thing only to notice him doing it again as soon as I finished yelling the first time. Again, back to yelling "didn't I just say quit it?" Soon after this they all leave.

Maybe I'm being harsh but I don't think so. We have had run in after run in with these kids. Once I caught them peeing on my son's log cabin home that was given to him to play with by a family member. Let's just say more then all hell broke loose that day when they thought I was at work.

They come over and play in my yard and leave LM out of their silly little reindeer games and he knows no better he's 3. These kids are 6 and 9 - why do they want to play with a 3 year old?

Maybe it's because he has a great backyard and they don't - not my fault - their parents are always commenting to us - "You have a great yard." My response, "Yes, I know. It is great."

I think they want me to say -"Yes, it is and your boys can use it anytime." Guess what Bubs, it's not happening.

So take your white trash selves and do me the favor of MOVING somewhere else. In the meantime, come over and watch your kids as my yard is not a babysitting service and neither am I.

I'm thinking of investing in a barbed wire fence.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Lions & Tigers & Deer? O My!

I began the early morning workout session. It's just easier on me and I can have my lunchtime to myself for whatever I feel like doing other then working out.

This morning I'm on my 2 mile sprint around the gym complex when out of no where a deer decides to jump out in front of me. I nearly peed myself as I stopped in shear horror only to see the fluffy white tail bouncing across the road to the field on the other side.

It is still dark and I do not carry a flashlight but I do carry my cell phone and keys as a weapon of choice. Not that I would know the first thing about what to do with my keys if snagged but with fear and adrenaline anything is possible.

I stopped in my tracks and did the silent scream and muttered a choice word or two - turned around and high tailed it back to the gym.

What a great way to start the day!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Last night, I sat and pondered over many memories and happenings in my life as the hubby and LM played baseball in the backyard. While thumbing thru the thick stack of magazines I hadn't gotten to look thru this month. I hate magazine subscriptions. I take one glance thru and toss.
Eh, back to the subject at hand

I have so many great breath taking adventures in my 30+1 years of life. The best memories are not only of my present family and family of my growing up years but several with my many many friends.

Due to my connections to the volleyball community in Johnstown and Altoona I have been blessed with the opportunity to make many friends in which I cherish very much. I always hear from several folks - "You know so many people, you have so many friends."

As I pondered last night, the thoughts of our many years of beach trips popped into my thoughts. My my the times we have all shared - the sayings of "What happens at the beach stays at the beach" has rung true for 12 years for me now. Not that anything that shouldn't happen happens - it's just a great saying to make everyone else envious they weren't there.

I grew up with these friends - I started the beach trip when I was 19 and now 12 years later I'm still with them and love them all very much. Our 2nd trip of the year is coming upon us fast and I can't wait. It's all about fun, sun and sand and OOOooo the secrets (not really just fun to throw that out there.)

I have learned the best memories are those that with thoughts and eyes closed your 5 senses come alive. It makes me want to storage them in a huge tupperware container and bring it out showing the memories off at gatherings. I do that with these memories I have, nothing beats the smell of the salty air; the cool ocean breeze on a hot day. The laughter that you share with your teammate/friends and especially the taste of the ice cold brewski at the end of a long day of playing.

The best thing about this group is they have shared all my life pains; victories; blood; sweat and tears never once complaining (at least that I know of). ;) They help me stay strong when I want to give up; the help push me when I don't think I can make one more play - my life cheerleaders.

As the years have gone by new friends have joined the "beach circle," as I like to refer it to, with few leaving; the beach trips just keep getting better every year.

So here is a huge salute to all of you who belong to the "Beach Circle." My we have many more years of playing; staying healthy; partying and of course winning!!

"There is always room for one more."

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Passenger Lane/Driving Lane

Why do people not know the difference between the driving lane and passing lane on the highways? I have a 15 minutes drive to work tops and I will admit I wait until the last possible minute to leave for work - everyday - except in the winter.

Today, as I was driving in I'm taking my time driving as usual in the driving lane minding my own business when I feel compelled to pass the car in front of me. I zip on out to the passing lane only to find a car putsying (as if that's even a word) along at a lovely speed of 45. Did I mention that was in the passing lane?

By this time, I not only had to slam on my breaks but the car I was passing ended up passing me and the car I was behind. Not a happy drive this morning. I can see how road rage sets in.

Now, I don't know about you guys and where you're all from but the speed limit around here is a whooping 55, which in my crazy little mind means 60-65. This is at least where my cruise control is set at.

Do they not go over this area in Drivers' Education anymore? This person was by no means elderly or young - I would say middle age to be safe. Also, for those of you men who think it had to have been a female - you're wrong on that issue as well.

So two things have come to my mind - not all males are terrific drivers and there is a reason they call it the PASSING and DRIVING LANE.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Another weekend

It was one of those normal weekends where nothing was normal other then all the running around. From Friday night on I ran all weekend. Why does life have to be so crazy at one time? Does this happen to everyone or am I the only fool out there that is non-stop busy?

Friday night I spent the evening at a party for work then trolloped off to another watering hole and before I even realized what time it was I was hearing the infamous words being shouted out, "Last Call."

What? You have go to be kidding me - I wasn't suppose to be out this late and can't even remember the last time I heard those words. I jumped out of the booth and said my good byes to friends I hadn't seen in months and took off for home.

Thank goodness the hubby doesn't get to worked up about that sort of thing. Probably because it well, never happens. Except for the beach trip for volleyball but I have no responsibilities that weekend other then showing up for the tournament and playing well.

On Saturday I actually felt great. I of course didn't drink all that much. When driving and when it's a work thing you have to be responsible. You know they talk about those people on Monday.

We had 3 parties on Saturday to attend. The first, a close charity picnic for elderly residents; the other two - friends. We actually hit all 3 and one twice. I was drained and only felt the compulsion to have two beers all day. Have you ever noticed how annoying drunk people are when you're sobber? That's a story for another day.

I have come to realize that after one night of drinking all is fine; two nights just not the same. Maybe it's because I'm getting "O DEAR NOT THAT WORD" older, not sure.

Then yesterday we took the wonderful LM to the local amusement park for the day. What a great day - it was somewhat chilly and overcast and the park - somewhat empty.

We did hit the water park area and LM was in his glory - he is getting so brave when it comes to being in the water and venturing out by himself in the kiddie pool area. Makes me nervous but I gotta let him venture once in a while but only at an arms length away.

I think it's time to call the local Y for some swim lessons. We were trying to get him out of the pool and the response "One more swim, no wait, two more." As he held up his adorable two fingers to show us what he meant.

Then today back to the grind. Same old, same old.

I will be happy as this week calls for nothing other then dinner at my MIL's tonight and SIL's tomorrow night. YIPPEE...I don't have to think of meals until Wednesday. Ah, the little things that delight mommy...O and the cleaning lady comes today - double bonus!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Blame Game

My son farts...I say - hey what do you say...he replies, "Nothing." Daddy says, "What did you do?" LM responds quite innocently, "I didn't do it, Mommy did." Then breaks out into a fit of laughter.

How lovely - my son has learned to blame other people for his bodily functions.

"Why me" - I asked - with the quick response of "You were closer then Daddy!"

I'm blaming day care/preschool for this...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

3 year check up and school physical and some bragging

Yesterday was LM's 3 year check up appt along with getting that nasty school physical out of the way. He was great!! He chose to play hide and go seek with the doctor which amused Mom in every way. He hide behind the computer stand in the exam room and the doctor went along with it, looking behind the door; under the sink; under the exam table and behind his stool. When Tyler finally popped out and yelled Boo. I love this doctor.

I thought seeing the doctor would freak him out but not at all. He jumped up in his lap and asked him straight up - "Hey, what's your name?" As the good ole doctor replied asking LM the same. The response was utterly adorable.

My son is now a whopping 38-40 inches tall he wouldn't stand straight and weighing in at 35 pounds. So we think as they had to weigh me holding him then me by myself and subtract. Why he won't stand on the damn scale alone is beyond me. But I must say - I am down 6 pounds and quite happy about that. I have decided the scale at the gym is WRONG WRONG WRONG.

All went well with the appt. The doctor said I have a neat little boy who is just flourishing quite nicely. Milestones are - Potty trained - FINALLY...he can count to 12 and is quite the little athlete; hitting the ball with a bat; bouncing a basketball and shooting it making baskets; plays hockey and anything connected with a sports theme; knows some colors and some of the ABC's loves to draw; color and sing silly songs; his speech is articulate for being a boy and age 3 - all thise according to the doctor - whatever all that means - I just thought all this was normal and in line with his age - but what do I know? I'm a first time mother. Plus, he must get all his smarts from his father and common sense from me. ;) I told the doctor it was the breast milk. ;)

Why the doctor was amazed that LM was able to throw up a set of play keys and catch them was beyond me but he was impressed by that - he went on for 5 minutes about it. LM was doing this while the doctor was talking to me, I just let him go it was keeping him busy. Unless the doctor does that with all the mothers. I never really thought anything of it and really still don't. I'm just glad God blessed me with a nice, sweet and most adorable little boy that a mother is proud to have.

I do have to tell this last little story since I'm on a yesterday kick - LM got a fishing rod from his friend Curtis and spent all of last night casting the rod and reeling it in - best baby sitter a mother and father could find. I can't even cast a rod yet my 3 year old can. I know - enough of the bragging - first time mother rights I believe.

Snack Day

Today was my LM's first snack day at school. I had the best time making the snack for the little wipper snappers. I decided on cheese cubes and seedless grapes which I cut in half (because holy cow if they choke on a whole grape) put them in a zipper lock bag and separated the two items with a pipe cleaner and curled the ends so it looked somewhat like a butterfly. Very creative for a not so creative person I thought.

I wanted something healthy yet fun. I don't need my boy hyped up on sugar before picking him up to come home.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Haircut Mishap

I have been going over the issues of posting about this subject and have decided not to go into great detail other then saying:

My sweet LM got a homemade haircut over the weekend while I and hubby were out of town (haircut was not given by me or hubby). After seeing the chop job that was done, I then needed to get his head shaven by a professional to fix the error of the nameless involved.

I am very heart broken over this as I couldn't have his 1st ever school photo taken - he just doesn't look like himself or like a normal little boy. I have spent 3 days crying over this incident. Yes, it's hair, it'll grow back - but most importantly the issue at hand - it was done without my permission or knowledge.

As far as the photo - the school called and took the photo with my permission as I get a free 8x10. This will not be hung on the walls of my home. O yes, can't forget about the free lunch bag to go with it. YIPPEE... Along with a free class photo. Who could deny my sweet LM of a 1st class photo? These items will be put in his baby book of course - hidden away.

That's all I'm going to say on the subject.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Home Sweet Home

What a weekend. You know the old saying "there is no place like home" how true that is. On Saturday morning my buddy Tam and I took a trip to the Inner Harbor for some girl time and to meet up with an old co-worker who we hadn't seen in years and to just catch up on things.

We had a rockin hot hotel that I found on Hotwire.com - what an awesome little place to hotel shop for a great price. We stayed at the Hyatt only steps from the Harbor.

Tam and I began our day at La Tascas a little Mexican place which served great beverages with lots of alcohol - whew happy were we!! After having our few we finally met up with Jean and took the stroll of the sites. Let me just say - we were not in Kansas anymore!!

Do people just not realize they look silly or do they really think they look good when they leave their home/hotel for the day. Not that I'm a fashion icon but I know what looks good and certainly what does not. Example is our bartender had on a mid-drift but had gut hanging out - not a good look for her!

The best part of the whole day was when night fall entered into the day. People started to come out of the woodwork. I never realized how many homeless people there are and this saddens me beyond belief. I think why don't they get help, is there not enough assistance out there. My goodness we leave is in the US of A there has to be help for these people - maybe I just live in a bubble and think all is good everywhere.

As Tam and I are listening to the concert series going on we decide to walk around a bit. We should have stayed put!! As we are walking past the lovely flower bed we notice a homeless man (X-RATED talk coming up - you have been warned) tossing one off in the marigold bed. I was mortified and in shock to see this out in the wide open space for all of God's creation to see. The guy was going at it while listening to the fake Beach Boys.

Tam and I were in awe. We decided it was best to keep on moving. After about a 20 minute walk we figured he'd be done by now so we strolled on back up to the concert and low and behold - He's still at it...but this time with a few on lookers.

I am so beyond being disgusted at this point - I just go into a shear laughing fit - trying to find the humor in this - Although, I could not. I'm thinking the few cocktails I had should be helping me find the humor at this time. Finally a few cops show up and escort him elsewhere only after he has finished his business.

Homeless or not - this is something that should be done in private not for the whole world to see. I just couldn't imagine having my child there seeing this and for the parents who were letting their kids run wild among this what were you thinking?

I'm just happy to be back in the bubble world and not knowing how others live. I know very closed minded but it's whatever gets me thru the day.

So thank you Ruby slippers for bringing me back to my reality which I'm happy to deal with even on the bad days.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Googlie Ooglie

Why does everyman (ok almost everyman) feel the need to make some sort of comment to any type of women at any time?

Today, as I'm on my little 2 mile jaunt - which is the same route daily - I noticed there are some 30 hard hats of some what hard workers in the distance. They must be taking a surveying class of some sort is all I can gather for there is no other reason for them to be out there.

As I get closer to the mark I continue to keep my pace and jam out to my iPod minding my own business (only because there is no one to gossip with) looking straight ahead as I do everyday. When I am mid-way thru the construction zone I hear - "Hey Baby, You can run my way any day." followed by kissing noises and a pivot of the pelvis. EWWWWWWWWWWW - who thinks of these comments.

My first thought was to flip him off and say there is no way I would run in your direction even if you were the last man on this earth and I was the loneliest female. I chose not to because that's what he wanted me to do, I know it. Instead, I decide to keep running and actually mind my own business as his buddy's give him the high 5 as if he should be so proud. Please!

I share the experience with the hubby his response - be flattered - I guess when you got it, you got and well, I guess I have it...LOL *rolling my eyes*

Mouse is Away

The lovely hubby is leaving for a golf/booze fest for the weekend. So that leaves LM and myself to do whatever we please. I have taken off tomorrow - YIPPEE - and we're going to have a Mommy and Me day. I can't wait. I love those days when it's just me and the boy hanging out, no rules, no schedule just free to do whatever we please.

Due to the fact that I'm leaving him with his wild Aunt Darcy and crazy Uncle Tim on Saturday while I trollop to Inner Harbor for a girls night out - who does this crazy stuff? I thought it would be best to hang with LM and give him a day of my fullest attention so tomorrow it is - and the best part - NO RULES. He'll love it.

I may even let him sleep in my bed for the next two nights or maybe not - got to think that one thru. I can't think of anything better then the butterfly kisses he gives me when he's wanting to go to sleep or wake me up.

My friend, Tam, and I are meeting up with another friend, JC, who lives in the Baltimore area and we haven't seen her in 5+ years - I can't wait. Bring on the Cheesecake Factory and lots of shopping and OOOoooo girl time. Then hopefully I'll meet with my nephew B for drinks and a little clubbing. Nothing like partying with your older Aunt and her older friends. Poor kid!!!

As for an update on my friend and his girl issues...Still at stage one...O the drama...Just to let you know what a dear he is - he's picking up Starbucks for me and a co-worker only to deliver right here at work. You can't beat that deal!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Seal the Deal

Ok, so I need some much needed advice on how to handle a friend's issue who is totally into this chic he works with but doesn't have the nerve to tell her. Frankly, I'm a little miffed as to why he can't just ask her. She's a smart caring girl and not out to break anyone's heart, she's way to nice for that. Makes me blah to actually know there are people out there that are more kind then they need to be.

Everyday for the past 5+ months all I hear about is how perfect she is and how much he adores her and how much he wishes he could ask her out and OH MY GOSH...ask her out already, what is the big deal?

I tell him - so tell her...you have nothing to lose. If she isn't interested in the dating way she'll tell you - women are so point blank - at least I am anyway - although I have been told I'm an odd one but who would have thought?! I just tell it like it is and that's that. There's no hidden agenda with me. Anyway, here's the thing if he doesn't tell her then some other fish is going to come into his pond and snag her with his bait and he's out there lonely fishing rod and all.

My friend is smart, has a great job, makes decent money for our area and his age (29), has a ton of toys (no, not those kind). I'm talking a Harley; Jet ski; Quad; Truck; loves music and does have a good heart. He's funny and way to damn caring for his own good.

So for those of you that read this some what interesting blog send some helpful advice for my buddy on how to "Seal the Deal."

The only other thing I can think of is me actually telling her myself next time I see her out. I will make it a point to see her out and just flat out tell her. Beer makes you do crazy stuff.

I mean really, why do guys take so long to ask girls out? My husband waited 10 months to ask me out - but he ran around telling his buddies, "She wants me she just doesn't know it yet." Yeah yeah yeah, I still don't know it yet! Just kidding...

So any comments on this little dilemma would be grateful as my friend reads my blog daily. He's probably going to be mad about this but I warned him...

So comment away...

Monday, August 07, 2006

Finally Monday!?

Who in the world ever says Yippee it's finally Monday? Usually, it's O man, Monday already!! I am not a Monday person at all. All my co-workers stay far away from me until late Monday morning when I finally decide to break out of my bitter the weekend is over mode and get into the weekly work groove. I mean really, who likes Monday's?

This was a very busy weekend that started off on Friday at 5:30 sharp. There was no down time when I got home not even play time with LM which I make a point to have after being away from him all day.

I will start off by telling you about our little Golf Outing on Friday for the Area Volleyball Club. The President of the club put together a golf scramble. Myself, hubby, brother and sister in law decided to sign up - there was free food and beer involved - the only reason I went. I can't golf to save my life. Now, my brother in law on the other hand is an avid golfer. We took to the course and banged out the drives and putts. I had one good drive out of 9 holes and several horrible putts. A golfer I am not.

In the end - we were 3 under par and actually won the torn. The prize $20 in lottery tickets, which by the way we did not win. I'm really not upset about that - who needs anyway?

We got some good grub at the local seafood pub and some free drainages and most importantly good quality time with friends and family.

Saturday morning the alarm went off at 6:30A only to drag my lazy butt out of bed and head to my buddies house for the 2nd Annual Autism Speaks volleyball tourney - co-ed 3. My favorite 2 volleyball guys and myself pulled out 3rd place out of 12 teams. Not to shabby for being old timers and playing against well everyone many years younger then us. It was for a great cause and I was glad to be a part of it.

The tourney started promptly at 8:30 and we were done by 5:00. At 5:10 I'm pulling out the road to head over the mountain to my Brother in Law's cottage to meet up with the hubby and my little man for the night.

At this point I'm hot, sweaty; stinky and exhausted. I just got done playing 11 games of volleyball and wanted to just hit the hot shower and my fluffy bed. Seeing my son at the cottage was well worth the drive!! He loves it there and even caught some fish. How adorable seeing a 3 year old reel in a fish and just squeal with delight of pure pride. He is the sweetest thing by far.

Finally Sunday - home at 3:30 only to clean up the house and maybe rest. Yeah right, not with a busy 3 year old.

Ah, the finer things in life - my couch and a short movie with LM. He wanted to ride the quad.

So yes, I'm glad it's finally Monday so I can be at work to sit at my desk job and relax some.

This coming weekend - I'm taking Friday off to spend with LM at the local park along with my sister Darcy.

Then lots of shopping and visiting a friend and eating a huge dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory - can't wait.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Questions, questions, questions

My LM has now been at his new Daycare/Preschool for a full week. So the other night I'm asking questions and the conversation was quite interesting.

I asked him - "So, who did you play with today?"

He proceeds to stand and look around while his wheels turn he answers, "Angel."

"O Angel", I say...how nice. "How about anybody else?" "Did you meet any boys to play with?"

"Um, no Mom, just Angel."

"O, is she your girlfriend?"


My son - the Pimp Daddy of Daycare/Preschool.

*weeping* I've lost him to another girl and he's only 3. His daddy very proud, of course.

But then today when we asked his teacher who Angel is she replies with "There is no Angel."

Ah, my heart is happy again!!

Let's go BUCS!!

Right to left
Nephew Anthony; Hubby Stephen and Me

Last weekend my Nephew; the Hubby and myself went to see the Pirates play. Barry Bonds was at the game and my hubby booed him the whole time. A great time was had by all and tailgating was a blast.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Eavesdropping - Is it worth it?

There are days when eavesdropping can be very interesting and others when you hear stuff you don't even want to know about.

The other day I was standing in ear shot range of a conversation that I was trying hard not to pay attention to until my curiosity got the best of me...UGH...

Two guys were standing in the free weight zone at the gym - the one guy very geeky, tall super thin and just well not attractive; the other looked to be your normal Joe Smo. As I'm working out trying to mind my own business I hear:

Joe: "Well, did you call her last night to set up a date?"

Geek: "Yeah, I did."

Joe: "How'd it go?"

Geek: "Not well."

Joe: "What do you mean, not well?"

Geek: "I was asking her about her interest and if she wanted to get together this weekend." "She was responsive to that then I made the comment about I heard she was a butterface and what did it mean."

At this moment, I almost dropped the free weight on my foot and wanted to shirk in shear horror for him. Geek obviously doesn't understand the meaning of butterface. Which by the way is a made up term by men. Women just don't use these types of adjectives. We just tell it like it is for the most part.

Joe at this point - gasps in despair "You didn't say that to her?"

Geek: "Yeah, I did. I didn't know what it meant, I wanted her to tell me." "It was then dead silence and she hung up."

Joe proceeds to tell him that the meaning of butterface is a person who looks great with the exception of their face. Everything about her is ok, BUT HER FACE hence the term butterface.

The expression on his face was well, priceless. I did feel bad for him for a second or two. Then I thought how stupid on his part. He should have asked his buddies the term before calling her.

At that moment, I decided to turn up my iPod and mind my own business.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ah, The Lake

My precious Little Man looking O so sweet and
adorable as we cruise the lake
and he eats chippies.

The Hubby & I tubing the lake.
Wish I was there today as it's

Hot, so very HOT

I can not get over how hot, humid and sticky it has been this past week. Thank goodness for central air. PHEW!!

I was down at the local park last night waiting to play our last volleyball game of the season and the sweat just poured off of me. I was soaked thru before I even did any type of moving around. Talk about gross! I'm glad I decided not to rollerblade.

When our game began the sweat just got worse as the intensity of the game went on. I couldn't wait to get home to get into the shower and into the cool air of our home.

Thank you to the previous owners for bucking up the money and putting in central air!

Relief is to hit us on Friday - which I'm thankful for as I'm playing in a golf outing - and I really stink at golf.

I am happy to say it's a scramble and my BIL is a ringer for the game of golf - so I'll be doing a lot of walking to his ball. Plus it's free booze and food and who in their right mind would pass up anything that is FREE!!!