In my little world "I am Queen"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Playar In the Making

Last week, as I am getting LM ready for school he requests to have his hair spiked; like SD Terry’s. What is a mom to do but oblige. As I’m spiking his hair he looks into the mirror smiles and puts his hands on his hips forms a gun like shape with his fingers and begins to swivel his hips while saying in a hot sexy six year old voice, “HELLOOOOO LAAAAADIES.”

First of all a six year old should NOT have a sexy voice! Secondly, there is no reason he should even know he has hips to swivel.

I did not know whether I should laugh, cringe or cry. I did neither. I just calmly said, “Where in the world did you learn that?” Quickly and innocently he said, “Momma, my brain tells me what to say and how to move.”

I am raising a soon to be playar…