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Monday, June 25, 2007

Wet T-shirt

As I stood under the pavilion taking in all the sites at a rather wild Greenhouse Park I noticed a lot of FRRRREEEAKS standing around – then I heard over the microphone – We need more contestants backstage we only have 4 girls. I thought – are you kidding me, women actually do this? After about 20 minutes, low and behold 11 women climb to the stage from the back all in tattered and torn wife beater tops with the words WET T-SHIRT spray painted in black. The women of course were all sizes and shapes – and thinking they were hot…so not the case.

As contestant one dawned the stage – ripping off her shirt and pulling her pants down shaking her money maker – I was in disbelief thinking – ok – I did not drink enough to be standing here. They go thru the girls and what is really sad – 3 chicks – stripped down to their thongs and pranced around on stage like they owned the place. However, the crowd was not amused one bit shouting, “PUT IT BACK ON” one even shouted – “Put the cottage cheese back in the fridge.”

Hysterical, if you ask me but on the other – quite embarrassing – One would say – good for them for being so comfortable – However, I think it’s degrading to themselves.

The winner was a super skinny pretty girl with blond hair and fake boobies – who was very shy at first but when push came to shove she bared it all – the crowd shouting, “Skin will win” I’m sure helped – especially when she exposed the fact she was bare underneath those painted on jeans.

2nd place was a skinny brunette, a pretty girl. A friend (M) L O V E D her, I think the cheering and phone camera shots gave that away.

Overall, so not worth the money won - $200 and a free tattoo – my opinion – drunk girls are stupid.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Car Drama

I filed a Consumer Complaint today with the Attorney Generals Office naming all parties that I'm not happy with. So yes, Mitsubishi and Wheeler Pontiac Mitsubishi that includes you.

Maybe they can help me out - I read some very interesting, not to mention crazy claims that they have settled. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they can help me as well.

Also, you just might see a letter to the editor in the local paper explaining your great services. I'm sure all your loyal and local customers would love to know just how customer satisfaction orientated your business really is.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Old Injury equals New Injury

I sat patiently in the waiting room for my name to be called out. As the nurse took my file directing me to where the doctor would consult with me I thanked her and sat nervously. Thoughts of nothing ran throughout my head thinking it’s tendentious at worst. I’ll get a shot for pain and be on my merry little way.

Things can’t go that easy for me. For me it’s always Murphy’s Law.

As he twisted; poked and did strength tests my eyes watered due to the overwhelming pain. The Doc tried to make conversation asking questions of all kinds from where did you grow up to have you ever had a shoulder injury as a kid.

No, never, I thought to myself, this is a new injury six months at best. I played sports in High School but nothing other then your normal bumps and bruises or happy marks as LM calls them. His reply I’m sending you for X-rays, I think there’s more to this.

Four x-ray pictures later, I found myself sitting in his highly decorated office of diplomas and achievements he’s received over the years covering every inch of the wall, at that moment, I knew my friend MA sent me to the best in town.

As he, hung my pictures up on the machine I felt the knot in my stomach tighten as he said, “Never had an injury, ever, eh?” Turns out I have a first degree separation that happened some years ago that was never treated has now caused a tear in my rotator cuff.

I sat in shock and didn’t hear much after that other then I’m sending you for an MRI and will start you off with therapy and then surgery. I could feel my eyes fill with tears as I heard no more volleyball for the summer at that moment T reached over grabbed my hand, saying, it’ll be okay.

Again I heard, some minor surgery may be required.” Again, T stroking my hand saying, “I’ll help you with whatever you need and LM too, you’ll be okay.” At that time all I could think about was will I be able to take care of my LM with my arm in a sling?

Dr. M enforced how they care about their athletes and want them to improve and get back to the field or court. He knows how important sports are. He should, he played football for Iowa and blew out both knees.

Now, is the waiting game for Friday’s MRI and a Wednesday teleconference with Dr. M on what the next steps are.

~T - Thank you for your kindness and constant worry over me.


Friday, June 15, 2007

Call me C R A Z Y

I just booked the trip of a lifetime -
Sandals Montego Bay for a week next year. Let the count down begin.
I know to many days to even begin a count.
I will however, be missing one of my yearly beach volleyball trips
but the decision was not a hard one
Sandals Resort, Jamaica vs. Rehoboth Beach, DE
The contest was a BLOW out.


Friends should not let Friends

There she sat in the middle among her two other friends. The teenagers of today hanging out at the park watching their mothers and friends play volleyball.

What she did not know was her pink halter top and jean jacket rode up the middle of her back letting all of her junk hanging out with the plumber pants showing the world, yes, crack is whack.

In the mist of all the on lookers or the 5 of us volleyball gals it was noticed that a tiny fire engine red dental floss thin thong was protruding out. Whispers of should we tell her went back and forth until it was decided to just let it go it was not worth it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Second Chance for Love

She took his call on a Thursday asking if she wanted to meet for lunch, her reply was “no.” She worked out at lunch and did not want to disappoint her running partner with not showing up. As they talked they decided on a Friday night meeting for a beer at a small establishment near their homes. Thinking well, at least if it’s a disappointment neither has far to travel home to relish on the evenings smash events.

She began to get ready going through her endless closet thinking to herself, what the heck, I have nothing to wear. After her closet was empty she decided on a yellow sweater and her favorite blue jeans. She then waited, a text message came through on her phone – What time are we meeting? I can’t remember – 6:30 was her response. A moment later came the I’m already here and I have a seat saved for you.

Nervously she grabbed her keys giving herself one last look in the mirror thinking I’m somewhat pretty or average at best – trying to boost her confidence – hoping he’ll think the same. While parking she inhaled deeply thinking to herself, I haven’t done this in years – under her breath she whispers, “God give me the strength to get through the night.”

As she approached the entrance she glanced at herself one last time holding her breath knowing here goes nothing or everything. The bar room is dim, she looks left then right and sees the face she saw from a friends email. She notices a huge bright white smile and brilliant blue eyes glazing back at her. She lets out a sigh of relief and walks towards her new friend.

Comfort takes over as she approaches the bar stool and orders her beer. Conversation picks up and time seems to be standing still. Dinner was fabulous and a movie invite was addressed and taken.

The night lasted into the wee hours of the morning knowing fully she can’t remember the last time she laughed so much or someone made her feel that pretty. It felt like she knew him for years. The night ended with an, “I’d like to call you tomorrow and do this again soon.”

She blushed, accepting his offer.


Monday, June 11, 2007

A spoting of some sort

There he stood just swinging his arms and hips to a beat of his own, not the bands. Just moving and grooving with the crowded dance floor as if he was the only one in the club. His long curly blonde locks flowing to the breeze of the ceiling fan.

Girls hoovering around him like he was a rock star of some sort. The stranger who dressed in black tight pants and a black button down mesh shirt with silver accents; unbuttoned, of course, for all to admire his not so buff and somewhat hairy chest.


Yes, folks you guessed it a Jon Bon Jovi, from his early days, look a like was at the local dance club Saturday night.

I think what amazed me most about this is he actually thought he looked like Jovi and secondly the girls were feeding into his little fantasy, some actually shouting “JON BON JOVI, we love you.” I’m thinking it was the alcohol – being sober at a bar is not actually a bad thing.


Friday, June 08, 2007

A complaint made

Today I filed a complaint with NHTSA regarding the drama with my vehicle - so if you have any vehicle issues that you would like to share with the world here is the link NHTSA

On Wednesday after work my darling attorney boyfriend and I are going to pay the dealership a visit.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Defect, what makes you think that?

One might think this is a defect but so far Mitsubishi doesn't even though the 2007 Eclipse has been recalled for this same reason. Where I stand on the issue right now, I left the local dealership with the words of - You will be hearing from Mitsubishi Corporate and my attorney by the end of the week.

You are not dealing with some idiot girl and I'm sick of guys thinking that girls have no clue what we are talking about when in a bodyshop. I have again, been doing insurance for 13 years, I know how this game is played.

I am one unhappy camper right now - and trust me I will get what I want which is my vehicle fixed due to a defect by the manufacturer.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Neverending Story - but with Proof this time

After a ton of phone calls out to Mitsubishi in California and my insurance agent it has been determined that after the local dealership warrants a defect we will subrogate against Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi has not been very helpful and my case manager is not at all friendly or helpful.

I know how the system works people. I have been doing Insurance for 13 years now.

The Internet is a beautiful thing – I have learned that the 2007 Eclipse has been recalled for the same exact issue I am having with my Endeavor – lovely – especially since the 2006 Endeavor has not been recalled. It has been found that the key lock cable was improperly manufactured and may not allow the cable end to lock into the floor shifter. Resulting in the system to become inoperative and allow the key to be removed without the gearshift being placed in PARK.

I have also learned that people are rude and just stupid, which I know but one can hope. I do insurance for a living – you are not going to pull anything over on me. However, I know what I did was STUPID and trust me I have beaten myself up over this for almost a week now. The bottom line is Mitsubishi is at fault here as well by not properly installing the cable lock mechanism.

Today while running an errand, I did remove my key on purpose to see if it could in fact be removed from the ignition – the result – key in hand; gear shift in DRIVE – there you have it – the defect has been captured. This time, I scored some really nice photos of the key sitting by the gearshift in drive and the key less ignition in the background. (those will be posted later).

I knew the investment of a brand new digital camera would be handy for other then pictures of my sweet LM.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

I want off

Stop the world I want off. Just when you think life is getting normal and slowing down - BAM and I mean B A M. something jerks you around in a 360 degree turn making you think, "nope life is not smoothing out for me."

Last week, I was out on travel or um, out of the office working for work somewhere else in town. It was a nice break from the office but not relaxing in anyway. I have heard more excuses for things and name dropping and the infamous, "Well, don't you know who I am?" No, actually I don't know who you are or care, rules are rules.

The best was a Priest trying to sneak into the functions as he's done for the past 4 years thinking he has every right to do this. Just because you're a Priest doesn't give you special dispensation to these events. However, the committee has agreed to put an invoice in his collection basket on Sunday after telling him of course. He feels there is nothing wrong with his behavior. All I can say is that man has got...some nerve.

Along with that - the name dropper - using the wrong name - now come on people if you're going to name drop get it right. Instead said person shouts at the volunteer "Well, I spoke with Denise at the Business place (and her name is in fact NOT Denise) and she said we could blah blah blah - all the while Denise is standing there and made you look like quite the fool I must say. As Denise told her about it. Hysterical...

Last but not least, on Friday after I finish an exhausting week, I needed to run an errand - jump out of my car run into the mall - come out in less then 10 minutes only to find my car sitting in the back of a 1994 Corvette. Yep, that's right ladies and gentleman, my car drifted only after I find out that I didn't put it in PARK and yet was able to get my keys out of the ignition. Lucky Lucky ME. Yes, of course I feel stupid, who wouldn't?

However, the gentleman that I or rather my car hit - was EXTREMELY NICE probably because I was sobbing dramatically. The insurance company has been extremely helpful and hopeful now only if Mitsubishi will be as helpful - this I am doubting.

There you have it folks - my crazy week/weekend wrapped into one glourious blog.

The highlight - our softball team finally won a game. YEA!!