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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Educated Guessers

How is it that a Meteorologist (weatherman) can be wrong 99.99% of the time and still be able to keep their job? If I was wrong that much with my daily decisions I would have been canned years ago.

I certainly understand that predicting the weather is no easy task and that's exactly what it is a prediction. The truth is, what they should say is, "We think, because we cannot be 100% sure this might be today's forecast." Indeed, they should not say, "today we are getting blah blah blah get to the store it is the end of the world."

Yesterday, the local news weather person called for snow squalls and a winter blast of 3 inches by noon - white out conditions then another 4 inches over night. Of course, this has everyone and I mean everyone running to the stores to stock up on life's little necessities. I swear that the weatherman own the local stores or get some kind of a kick back for scaring the hell out of the towns folk. Not to mention all the cancellations that were taking place - day cares; school closings and delays - talk about jumping the gun here.

What we actually received was some squalls not equalling 3 inches and yes, white out conditions when the snow was blowing all around still not the effect everyone had perceived we were going to get nailed with. My town got nowhere near the overnight additional 4 inches. Me, being the believer that the weather personal knows their job, I call C for a ride into work, just in case.

Promptly at 630A I sent the ultimate text message to C saying - "As much as I would love a taxi pick up this morning, I can drive in this, as the roads are CLEAR as for the weatherman -WRONG AGAIN!"

Educated Guessers should be their job title not Meteorologist.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

First Time

What a weekend. All LM and I did was run as I planned a huge weekend for us. It was most definitely a great bonding weekend and I was thrilled to spend it with him.

I called up some friends and suggested we hit the local ski resort and do some tubing. Yeses were given all around. Eight of us headed for the mountains for a 2 hour time slot of kid play. There is nothing better in the world then not having to worry about a thing for a short time except for having a good time. That is what I did exactly!!

Truthfully, I feel the adults were way more excited then the child folk. I kept thinking, "I can't wait to get up that snowy mountain and race down that hill just so I can have that pit in my stomach roller coaster feeling." What a rush!

You are allowed to hook up four tubes together and blast off down the mountain of high altitude. The best part about hooking tubes together is the more weight you have the faster you go and maybe just maybe you can acquire some air lift towards the bottom. O yea, we reached air. Now, mind you that my LM was 4 that day (wink, wink) and only weighs in about 30-35 pounds which left the three remaining tubers who were able to create enough weight to get air and WOWZA the fun.

I continue to giggle like a child when I think about it.

All LM kept screaming was "again, mommy, that was fun." I was worried how he'd take the speedy hill but he did amazingly well. I was quite impressed with his actions all day. He just sat in his red over blown tube and let me hoist him around all the while sticking his tongue out trying to catch snowflakes on the tow rope. Hysterical for a mother to see.

About 1.5 hours in he began to cry as his hands got cold - gotta get him a new pair of gloves. Inside we went where he feasted on some popcorn, looked at me and said, "ok, I'm warm lets go again." Back at it we went to make two last runs.

He slept the whole way home - when he hit the car and konked out - I knew a great day had been accomplished.

So guys when we going again?



Greetings to Oliver, the beloved pet of my 3.5 y/o Little Man. He is most adorable. We're calling him Ollie for short.


Monday, January 29, 2007

Newest Family Member

I did it, my LM finally broke his momma down and a pet as been brought home. I swore I would never ever own a pet just because I don't have time to take care of anything other than myself and of course my precious little man.

After weeks of begging and crying I caved picking him up from school on Friday and said - "Guess what?" "We're going to get you a fish." You would have thought that I told him he could have all the candy he wanted for dinner and more.

We drove over to the local pet store and I let him pick out a Betta. I chose the Betta Fish because they can live in a vase, eat off of a plant and are extremely low maintenance which is right up my alley. My opinion is, no maintenance would even be better. I had to tell myself this is all about LM and his wants.

We named the fish Oliver, as he has a fish at his dad's named Sharky. He'll tell you that the baby one died but the dad lived. It's quite a sad story when he's telling it as LM is so intense about telling you the story and not to forget - Santa brought them.

Oliver is a flourish of color. He's a dark blueish; pinkish; silver color and quite adorable. However, LM thinks he needs to tap on the glass and watch him every few minutes. He especially loves twisting the vase around in circles making poor Oliver quite dizzy. I just hope fish don't throw up. That would not be a pretty site in the vase.

If Oliver isn't swimming and just hanging out LM thinks he's dead and runs into the living room shouting, "Mom, Oliver died." I then need to explain, "He's not dead, just resting."

LM is quite the mother hen with his fish, most adorable to watch.

Pictures to follow - It was a mad rush to get out of the house this morning. I forgot my camera to do the download.

Ah, welcome snowy/icy Monday - I think...


Friday, January 26, 2007

Dude, where's my Car?

Yesterday I heard this little story that I am of couse dying to share!!

I'll set the scene -

Gentleman dropping off his rental car at the local rental place.

He says to the girl at the counter -

Victim: I'm dropping off my rental car, but where is my personal car?

Counter Girl: In the parking lot where you parked it.

Victim: No, it's not there, I parked my car out front in the front row and it's gone.

Counter Girl: You mean stolen?

Victim: Yes, stolen. Isn't it obvious, since it's not there anymore?

At this time security is called who in turn calls the local police department.

They wait...

The local police department and security staff shows up.

Police Officer: Are you sure that's where you parked it, sir?

Victim: Yes, I'm more than 100% sure. I would know where I parked since I'm the one who parked it.

Hummm- I think someone is a bit testy...

Police Officer: Let's drive around the lot to see if it's located in another spot.

Now, the lot is maybe half the size of a football field - not very large by any means.

Guess what they found - yeppers, his car left in the exact spot HE parked it - not in the front row by the building as he first thought.

He comes back in claiming to the girl at the rental counter, "Yes, I'm a jackass." "Thanks for your help." All the while doing the shameful head bow.

I just giggled to myself and thought - at least you got the jackass part right. People are amazingly funny creatures.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sing Sing a Song

Are all these people who audition for American Idol tone deaf? Well, with the exception of the few who can really sing.

I know I can't sing and would never put myself through the shame of it all. Although, I am one hell of a great singer in the car when I'm by myself. Come on, who isn't?

All I'm going to say is SHAME ON THE FAMILY MEMBERS for not being truthful to their loved ones!!!

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Tan Real or Fake

Why do men think that any old line is a good pick up? My little ditty of a story starts here at Hell Mart also know as the infamous Wal Mart. I know, Wal Mart of all places...

Him: Excuse me, is that tan real or fake?

Me: Uh, what?

Him: Your tan, real or fake bake?

Me: It's real, I just got back from the Caymans.

Him: O, vacation?

Me: No, business.

Him: O, how did you score a trip like that?

I decided to have some fun, since I'm now annoyed plus I'm not telling some stranger what I actually do.

Me: I work for the CIA and we were investigating a crime.

Him: Wow, that's so cool.

At this point, I'm rolling my eyes and thinking
Yea, cause this happens in my area..come on really who believes this stuff?

Me: Um, it's ok. I can't really talk about it, it's like being on CSI the crime show.

Him: I understand. So are you an agent?

Me: Yes, I am in training.

Him: That is so cool. You must love your job. So you from the area?

Me: It's not bad, pays the bills. Yep from the area.

Him: I'm from Florida and thinking of moving back.

Me: I see.

Him: There are no single beautiful women here.

Me: O yea, I wouldn't know.

Him: So are you single? Because you're smoking hot.

Me: Excuse me?

Him: You're gorgeous.

Me: Uh, thanks, I think. I'm sorry but I'm not single. (totally creeped out at this point)

Him: Yea, I figured a good looking girl like yourself must be married or have a boyfriend.

Me: I just smiled and said sorry I'm not interested.

Him: Well, I thought I'd give it a shot.

At that point, I turned and walked away shaking my head. Don't get me wrong, I am flattered but getting hit on in Walmart is just not something I want. I do give the guy credit for being so bold and trying though.

This just gave me another reason to despise Wal Mart. All I wanted to do was get my grocery shopping done.

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Monday, January 22, 2007


I can't believe I haven't blogged about this!! Where is my head?

The new season of 24 has started, finally. O how I have missed thee. Once again, I'm hooked full till.

Ah, Jack Bauer, there is just something about that man that gives me the shivers. Those good kind of shivers that you wish every man you met would give you. Ah, you know the ones I'm talking about, girls.

Being smittened by Jack Bauer is completely harmless and certainly most fun especially since he IS a made up character who fights evil everyday. He's like the Robin Hood of the 21st Century.

So tonights agenda, a HOT date with the Fox network starting at 9. I am all giddy just thinking about it.


Maybe I do need to start getting out more.

I got nothing

I have nothing to blog about. The weekend was very low key. Hung out mostly on the couch watching football and random movies.

Sometimes it's good to be low key.

I seriously need to get out more I think.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Clumsy Me

The other night as I was walking up the various steps to my most adorable home...I fell...just tripped up the steps and came crashing down. Catching myself with my dominate hand and scrapping the hell out of my knuckles - looks like I was in a bloody knuckle fight. Thank God for that jar of salsa breaking my fall and most importantly I was thrilled to learn the jar didn't break...Phew...

Yes, you're right, I was carrying about 6 bags of groceries and 2 pails of Margarita mix. I know, no one told me to carry all that stuff at one time other than the cold weather and me being lazy. Really, who wants to make more than one trip when the weather is a factor?

I don't know what hurts more right now, my knuckles or my pride. You see, I live on a very busy street and about 100 cars were driving by at the time I took my tumble - falling like my sons mega building blocks for all the neighborhood to see. GO ME.

I entered the house after handing my mom the bags - told her not to take my Margarita Mix - just the damn grocery bags - blood everywhere. I don't think I have ever bled that much, well...o yes...I have - there was this one time at youth group camp where I got caught in the forehead with a metal door - but that's a blog for another day...I have a scar to prove that story...OUCH!

Poor LM wanted to kiss mamma's boo-boo - I discouraged that right away. All I wanted was a minute to collect my thoughts and try to get my pride back. LM however was concerned and kept asking me about my boo boo and was I going to be ok. He is by far the sweetest thing E.V.E.R!!

Then at volleyball - I got asked - Did you lose at bloody knuckles? Not even funny, can we just get the game going?

Today the knuckles are tattered, torn and swollen. Not a lovely look.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back to Reality

Guess who's finally back from sunny, warm Cayman Island? Yep, me. Ah, was I missed? Didn't think so.

The trip was marvelous. No snafus in travel for once - I think this was my first trip ever where incident didn't take place. Maybe my luck with the travel is on the upswing. I was even relaxed on the fights - a little to relaxed - so much that I slept. I never sleep on the plane. I want to know if something is going to happen to me.

The weather was great a balmy 95 degrees all week. Our stingray city trip got cancelled due to rough waters which was fine because I than go to be lazy on the beach all day. We had jet skies sail boats; snorkeling adventures; food and drinks at our whim. What a party!! I was thrilled to just hang at the beach instead of all the running around of an excursion.

It wasn't all play though, I attended lots of meetings, dinners and did a ton of "networking" via Darla style. ;)

I got a great glowing tan and some R&R now I'm glad to be back home - but not glad to be back to the wintry weather that is going on right now. There is nothing like your own bed - especially one that is sporting a fluffy down comforter.

More later - you can view my pics on my flickr account if you'd like.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Weekend Rundown

Wow - it's amazing how fast every weekend goes it's like being in warp speed. Once Monday hits the world is in slow motion. Go figure.

Friday was a great night - I went to see the movie We are Marshall - a nail biter; tear jerker; emotional roller coaster. It's a must see!! A little drawn out but excellent throughout.

Saturday mom and I went shopping and then to lunch. I was exhausted by the time we were done. Finally got home around 5ish and crashed after packing for my trip - YIKES...I leave today for the first leg already. See there time goes again - warp speed.

Sunday was the best day of the whole weekend. It started out with shopping in the 'burgh; then a little child play at Dave and Busters - whoo I got my butt kicked in every aspect of the day. I am not a skee ball champ; basketball diva or by any means asteroid pro or motorcycle know it all. I however, won the horse race - YEA.

After a little kid romping and D&B we headed over to the infamous PF Chang - an amazing Chinese restaurant that well just kicks butt. I was amazingly impressed with the flavoring of food. Everything had such a strong flavor of what it should taste like. Although, I enjoyed C's food just as much as my own. C's had a little more zap to it. I'm still thinking about the intensity of flavor that made my taste buds scream for more.

Alas, dinner was over and now for the main event - A Pens Hockey Game - luxury box seats. It doesn't get any better than that. Our seats rocked. Our box was located 2 up from Mario's private box and it just gave me chills to be that close. Although, the Pens didn't knock a win out the game was high level intense and fast paced. I saw amazing plays; saves and goals. Man, I love this game.

The Pens tied it up with a few minutes left in the 3rd quarter and welcome overtime. No goal scored. Let the shot out being. We lost, but held our heads high - it was a great game overall.

Again, here we are - welcome Monday. Off to the Caymans...

Friday, January 05, 2007

Grand Caymans here I come

Well well well...how the time flies. It seems like I was just getting told that I would have to attend a meeting for work and BAM just like that - here it is.

I will be spending a week in the Caymans rubbing elbows and networking with a bunch of muckitty mucks - should be fun. This is my second meeting with this group and they are not even close to being the muckitty muck types so I am looking forward to going - sort of - ya know not a fan of the flying.

I am looking forward to meeting new people and going to a new place - besides who wouldn't want to hit the Cayman Islands this time of year? Flight or no flight how else you going to see the world?

I once again am feeling a little unorganized which is unusual for me. I am all packed in my head it's just pulling the stuff together and tossing it in the suitcase. Five full days - one girl equals one suitcase.

A friend asked me so what does a girl like you pack when going and how many suitcases do you need - especially shoes - ya know with your shoe fetish and all?

My reply - one suitcase; one carry one - for my laptop and 4 pairs of shoes. I mean really other than my running shoes; flip flops and two pair of dress sandals what else do I need?

He was simply amazed. Trust me, I'm a low maintenance girl - and I'm in the Caymans how much stuff do I really need? 2 business suits; shorts; tops; a skirt or two and o my yes, the swim gear.

Bring on the Caymans I'm ready...

Thursday, January 04, 2007


This is my week with my LM. I simply love the weeks he is with me as I find myself just hugging and kissing him to no end, the poor thing. At the age of 3.5 it's ok, when he's 16 it won't be so cool.

LM took it upon himself and crawled in bed with me which is an early morning ritual since the beginning of times - well, ok since he could get out of bed and walk. Currently, I have not been the sleeper due to some unwanted stress which is neither here nor there - stuff happens, right?!

But my story begins here:

I took it upon myself to watch this little man of mine crawl into bed with his momma and after kissing me on the nose and saying "Hi, mom, I sleep with you now" he drifted ever so softly back to dream land. As I laid there beside him I watched - taking in every inch of him by looking at his tiny little face ever so pure full of innocence and watched his tiny belly rise and fall with each breath. How adorable he is ran thru my head. I can still hear him breathing so gently and feel the warmth of his tiny breath on my face.

I laid there thinking, this is the way I want him forever. I want him to be this peaceful and sweet. What parent doesn't want the perfect little world for their child? As I laid in bed watching him with the moon light shining from the cracks in the blinds on his tiny hands and face I was amazed that I helped create something so darling.

Then I thought, how can I protect him from all the evils the world is made up of? Maybe some sort of protective dome will be invented - how crazy would that be? I actually envisioned it in my head and giggled to myself - thinking - girl you need to get some sleep.

But it just comes down to realizing, as a parent, we all do the best job that we can do to help our child(ren) grow up and hope everyday they will be just fine.

Ah...to be that innocent again...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome 2007

Alas, 2007 begins. What a crazy year for some of us. I know that my year has consisted of lots of ups and downs. Although, this rollercoaster ride of a year doesn't beat anything Cedar Point has come up with for thrills and jollies.

As the new year begins, I will reflect on my life over the last year taking notes on my many accomplishments and life's dreaded heartbreaks. Doing this will make me a stronger person and help me realize that my life isn't so bad.

To me, the new year means new beginnings; new adventures and a better outlook on life in general.

So may all of you have a great 2007.